Spanish Flan

Creamy, custardy, and the perfect dessert on a warm night, Spanish flan is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Although classic Spanish flan is vanilla-infused, it can be enhanced with chocolate, coffee, orange, and coconut, among other flavors.

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Vanilla-Orange Flan

Food & Wine

This thick, creamy flan -- Jose Garces's mother's recipe -- is a staple in his household. Garces likes to serve it alongside a refreshing salad of melon and citrus.

Total: 2 hrs 30 mins

Creamy Flan

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Bittersweet Chocolate Flan

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A touch of cinnamon adds a little spice to this chocolate dessert. Top it with pomegranate seeds for a pretty pop of color.

Caramel Flans

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Warm caramel flows over these 5-ingredient flan Mexican desserts. These creamy custards are irresistible.

White Chocolate Flan

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Don't let the unusual combination of ingredients scare you--the mild dried chile pepper and the nutmeg add subtle flavor notes to this white chocolate custard.

Almond Flan with Golden Caramel

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Ladies' Home Journal

This classic baked custard with caramel topping is luxuriously rich. A stick of Mexican cinnamon gives this dessert special flavor.

Coconut Flan

Vegetarian Times

Caramel and coconut pair well.

Caramel Flan with Mangoes

Better Homes and Gardens

This Spanish baked custard makes its own caramel sauce.


Better Homes and Gardens

This caramel-topped custard, a popular Spanish dessert, makes a delicious ending to any meal.

Dark Chocolate Flan

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How to Make Flan

When you want a creamy dessert that's more sophisticated than pudding, it's time to learn how to make flan. This rich, custard-based treat topped with caramelized sugar is often associated with Spanish, Mexican or Central and South American cuisines, but flan (rhymes with "faun") is believed to have originated in Rome, one of the first places where chickens were kept for their eggs. The original dish was more savory than sweet.


Diabetic Living

This inverted caramel custard dessert is found on Mexican dessert menus everywhere. This recipe is low in calories and fat.

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How to Make Flan

This caramel topped custard is a great change up from a simple pudding dessert. The caramelized sugar is a delicious ending to any meal.

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