Italian Pastry

It may be easy to pick up Italian pastries at a local market, but they're actually fun to make. From biscotti to cannoli, a homemade Italian pastry makes dessert a real treat.

Italian Pepperoni-Cheese Puffs

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Fragrant and airy, these puffs are perfect for appetizers or snacks.

Apricot-Pistachio Biscotti


Enjoy these Italian cookies for breakfast with coffee or for dessert with cappuccino.

Parmesan Pastry Spirals

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The crispy, flaky layers of puff pastry mingled with Parmesan cheese make these appetizers a delicious addition to any party platter.

Tomato-Onion Tart

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Dried tomatoes add a rich dimension to the flavors of this appetizer tart recipe.

Wild Mushroom and Pancetta Tart

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When you want to impress, turn to this marvelous tart. The out-of-the-ordinary ingredients in a rich pastry shell will become your piece de resistance.

Can-Do Cannoli

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Total: 15 mins

Tomato Quiche Tartlets

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These tiny appetizer tarts filled with dried tomatoes, basil, and cheese, are ready in 25 minutes. Make ahead and reheat them before serving.

Petite Fruit Tarts

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The fruit selection is yours for this dazzling dessert recipe. For juicier fruits such as berries, fold up pastry around the edges to hold in the sweetness.

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