Italian Pasta Dishes

From hundreds of shapes to its homey feel, Italian pasta is one of life's greatest (and least expensive) pleasures. Italians bring us not only the pasta, but also sauces and preparations from every region. Try them all.

How to Cook Italian Sausage

Italian sausage comes in countless varieties, including familiar types like pepperoni and salami; the kind of sausage most people refer to when they speak of how to cook Italian sausage is "sweet Italian," "spicy Italian" or "hot Italian" (the latter two are typically the same), and it's found in the pork section of the supermarket. Typically made with pork, peppers and Italian seasonings, Italian sausage is most commonly used in pasta dishes or as a topping for pizza, but it can be the centerpiece of many other dishes as well.

Tortellini Emilia

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Just make a simple cream sauce to pour over the pasta for this cheesy casserole recipe.

Easy Bolognese

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A combination of turkey bacon and beef give this pasta sauce real staying power while a splash of red wine deepens the flavor.

How to Make Ravioli

The debate over where pasta originated is far from resolved, but one thing's for certain: Both China and Italy can boast their fair share of traditional noodle and pasta dishes. It's generally accepted that layered pasta dishes like lasagna originated in Italy. But both China and Italy have stuffed pastas (ravioli in Italy, wontons in China) as well as long noodle dishes. The common belief that Marco Polo brought these concepts to Europe from China is debunked by historical Italian pasta references predating his journey. But no matter where the idea originated, learning how to make ravioli is a skill that can bring the whole famiglia together.

How to Make Ziti

Just about every Italian joint in the U.S. knows how to make ziti, but why not put it together at home next time you're craving a hearty, red-sauce meal? Ziti--also referred to as baked ziti, depending on the preparation--is as honored among Italian-Americans as spaghetti with meatballs.

Bow Ties with Sausage and Sweet Peppers

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It's hard to believe this delicious sausage, sweet pepper, and pasta main dish recipe only takes 30 minutes to prepare.

Total: 25 mins

Classic Fettuccine alla Carbonara

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When prosciutto, Italian for air-dried rather than smoked ham, isn't available, cook two extra slices of bacon instead. This rich and creamy pasta dish is as good or better than the popular restaurant version.

Total: 25 mins

Garden Orecchiette

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Think of this vegetarian recipe as a caprese salad plus pasta!

Rolled Lasagne


Hearty Tuscan Linguine

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A slow cooker is the perfect tool to tenderize kale and infuse each tomatoey bite with the flavor of Italian herbs.

Spaghetti Carbonara

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Gemelli with Asparagus and Sausage

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Juicy Italian sausage, creamy ricotta cheese, and bright, peppery fresh basil lend incredible flavor to this vibrant pasta dish. Rich pine nuts and nutritious asparagus add texture and dimension. When buying asparagus, look for firm, bright green stalks with tight tips. If stems are tough, simply remove the outer layer with a vegetable peeler.

Total: 40 mins

Donatellas Cavatelli with Spicy Shrimp

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If only we could all have an Italian grandmother who would teach us to prepare fresh pasta. This is the next best thing. Peppery arugula and shrimp are tossed in a red pepper oil, before joining the cavatelli in a symphony of flavor. Add some breadsticks and dinner is served.

Swiss Chard and Mushroom Lasagna

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Mushrooms act as the "meat" in this flavorful vegetarian lasagna recipe.

Pesto Lasagna Pie

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Use whole wheat noodles to make a healthier version of this classic casserole recipe.

Linguine with Scallops Red Pepper and Broccolini

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A light dusting of flour gives delicate scallops and nice crispy crust once you pan fry them.

Butternut Squash Ravioli Filling

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