Italian Pasta Dishes

From hundreds of shapes to its homey feel, Italian pasta is one of life's greatest (and least expensive) pleasures. Italians bring us not only the pasta, but also sauces and preparations from every region. Try them all.

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    Italian Pasta Dishes Articles
    MyPlate Meal: Healthy, Kid-Friendly Italian Pasta Night
    ... eaters will willingly eat both pasta and pizza, and for that alone, Italy, we thank you. But, of course..., not all Italian culinary options are equal. For example, a heaping plate of chicken parmigiana or lobster... good for you. You could add pasta carbonara to that list, but wait a minute ... Yes, kids might... read more...
    Sicilian Strata with Hot Italian Sausage: Dinner for $10
    ...Get a load of this Sicilian Strata with Hot Italian Sausage! (We're imagining a Warner Bros... sometimes? And there's plenty of dinnertime satisfaction to be had here. You've got eggs, hot Italian... sausage, Italian bread and oodles of cheese. Baked up into a heaping, hearty casserole, you're bound a... read more...
    Minty Pasta Salad with Lamb: Quick, Easy, and Elegant
    ... subtle gaminess. This minty pasta salad with lamb fit all the criteria; plus, the prep time is short.... In this recipe, you can actually make the pasta salad the day before, because the fettuccine (or linguine, in our... pack all the flavor without making a dish feel too heavy. I initially cut a rack of ribs into double... read more...
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