Italian Desserts

The dessert course at an Italian table is called "dolce," which means sweet, and you will sweeten any table with your own Italian dessert. Don't forget the strong coffee.


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The pizzelle (peets-TSEH-leh), a crisp waffle cookie, is one of the oldest cookie recipes known. These large crisp Italian cookies are made with a pizzelle iron.

Marzipan Tart with Fruit Tumble

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An almond paste mixture makes a yummy filling for this Italian dessert. Crown this showpiece with the best-looking fruit at the market.

Earl Grey Bocca di Nonna

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These rich sandwich cookies, filled with dark, satiny ganache, are adapted from an Italian celebration cookie called Bocca di Dama--or Lady's Kisses. At Christmastime, we think they should be called Bocca di Nonna--or Grandmother's Kisses.


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Cannoli are the quintessential Sicilian treat. With sweetened cheese, bittersweet chocolate, zippy orange peel, and rich pistachio nuts, this version brings together many beloved flavors in every bite.

Zabaglione Cake

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Raspberry Tiramisu

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Chocolate Tiramisu in a Jar

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Substitute coffee for water while preparing boxed cake mix for a tiramisu twist.

Blueberry Zabaglione

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The Italian desert recipe, Zabaglione is a custard made with wine. This velvety smooth rendition is enriched with cream and fresh blueberries.

Wine Country Cake with Roasted Grapes

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Use a fruity white wine to make this easy dessert. It needs no frosting--just a little sugar on top.

Layered Chocolate-Zabaglione Cream Cakes

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A frothy delight, Zabaglione is one of Italy's most prized desserts. Here it crowns a springy chocolate sponge cake; another time, try it simply spooned over sliced fruits.

Lemon-Thyme Cookies

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The subtle sweetness of these cookies adds to the well-paired flavor combination of lemon, cardamom, and fresh thyme.

Biscotti Gone Bananas


A banana bread mix and dried cranberries make these Italian cookies easy to prepare.

Almond Cannoli with Lemon-Basil Ricotta Cream Filling

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Satisfy a craving for sweet, creamy and crunchy with this refreshing ricotta-filled cannoli dessert.

Tiramisu Cupcakes

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You can use a mix or store-bought cupcakes instead of making them from scratch. The "tiramisu" comes from soaking the cupcakes in espresso and rum, then topping with mascarpone frosting.

Chocolate-Zabaglione Cake with Cherries

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The heart and soul of this decadent layered sponge cake is zabaglione, an airy dessert sauce that includes marsala. Adding chocolate and whipping cream makes this cake an even tastier sensation.

Lemon Olive Oil Cake

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Yes, you can bake with olive oil! This fresh and fruity cake will win you over instantly with its lemon-infused batter and fresh fruit topping.

Panforte Bars

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These rich bars resemble panforte, an Italian pastry, but are much easier to make!

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