Italian Cuisine

Hearty, flavorful Italian cuisine is one of Europe's oldest, with roots back to 4th century BC. Exploration of the New World brought foods to Italy that are now recipe hallmarks, including pasta, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Spaghetti Beef Stew


Slow cooker beef roast with vegetables and sauce is an excellent topping for pasta.

The Windy City Italian

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Fresh Pasta Dough for Ravioli

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Creamy Polenta

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Try this creamy polenta recipe as an alternative to mashed potatoes when you plan your holiday menu. This five ingredient dish takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Smoky White Pizza

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You only need five ingredients to prepare this easy pizza recipe that gets its smoky flavor from deli turkey. Basil makes a sweet and fragrant garnish for this main dish that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Italian Panko "Fried" Chicken

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Most people mistake this quick-and-easy baked recipe for fried chicken because of its light brown coating. Serve with a prepared marinara sauce for dipping.

Italian Dutch Oven Chowder

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Although this soup is hearty and delicious with only vegetables, include oysters to follow the traditional Italian-style recipe.

Total: 55 mins

Stuffed Caprese

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Potluck Chicken Tetrazzini

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The original dish was created in 1908 in San Francisco in honor of opera star Luisa Tetrazzini.Once the ingredients are mixed together, including chicken, asparagus, spaghetti, and mushrooms, the all-in-one casserole recipe bakes in just 15 minutes.

Deli-Style Tortellini Salad

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This meatless main dish salad is ready to eat in fewer than 25 minutes.

Total: 25 mins

Quick Cassoulet

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Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes when this pork and bean stew is on the menu. Crispy bacon and Italian seasoning adds flavor to this recipe; kielbasa adds a hint of spice.

Fresh Tomato Marinara Sauce

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Creamy Vino Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 20 mins

Marinara Sauce

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Simmering this Marinara Sauce brings a blend of wonderful aromas to your kitchen. Basil and cayenne stand out in this sauce from Bartolino's restaurant. It's delicious with the meatballs or with pasta alone.


Diabetic Living

Using lean and light ingredients gives this satisfying one-dish meal all the great taste you expect from lasagna with only a fraction of the fat and calories.

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