Irish Desserts

Pies and cakes, puddings, apples, and toffee are the mainstays of Irish desserts. But if you want to Irish-up another dessert on St. Patrick's Day, check out Irish coffee versions of brownies and ice cream.

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Our Best Irish Desserts and Drinks

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Irish Pots De Creme

Family Circle

Pots de creme are creamy, rich custards baked in individual dishes. In this version, Irish cream liqueur adds its distinctive flavor to the classic dessert recipe.

Irish Creme Delights

Better Homes and Gardens

Delight your family with a little Irish for Christmas with these traditional snacks. Add a splash of Irish creme to the cookies for a delicious twist in the recipe.

Irish Black Bun Shamrock Cookies

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve these fruit-and-spice filled cookies on New Year's to ensure an extra measure of Irish luck in the coming year.

Elegant and Easy Irish Pots de Creme

St. Patrick's Day desserts don't have to be green to be festive. Try this elegant and rich recipe for spiked Irish Pots de Creme.

Best of the Blogs: The Cooking of the Green

The wearing of the green surely does make Irish eyes smile. And, yes, St. Patrick's Day brings out the green (not with envy) in anyone with a soft spot for the patron saint of the Emerald Isle.

Simply Shortbread

There are few things easier to bake than shortbread. The basic recipe has only three ingredients and the dough is endlessly open to interpretation--two factors that make most bakers happy. But the absolute best part about shortbread?

Answering Your Slow Cooker Questions: Live Chat Recap

All week we've been celebrating the slow cooker here at, and yesterday, Senior Food Editor Julie Miltenberger was on hand for a live chat with our Facebook fans, taking questions about anything and everything related to one of our favorite kitchen gadgets. Meat, of course, is a slow-cooker staple -- there's nothing quite like a slow-cooked beef stew that's been simmering all day, or a fall-off-the-bone pork roast. Some of Julie's advice: "These days, pork and chicken are so lean that they don't do well for long periods of cook time.

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