German Spaetzle Dishes

Germany is famous for spaetzle, the mild, broad noodle that accompanies meat dishes every night of the week. Making spaetzle isn't hard. It's a fun way to add true German flair to your table.

See Popular German Spaetzle Dishes Recipes

Pork Belly with Buckwheat Spaetzle and Collards

Food & Wine

Chefs love pork belly because it's inexpensive yet tastes luxurious. Joseph Lenn, a chef at Blackberry Farm, cures it overnight in salt and sugar to add flavor, then braises it until it's meltingly tender. Chef Tip: To brown spaetzle, dry it well after boiling.

Total: 3 hrs

German-Style Beef Roast

Better Homes and Gardens

Red wine, dill pickles, and mustard flavor this slow cooker beef roast.

German Meatballs

Midwest Living

For an authentic German dinner, ladle these beef-and-pork meatballs over noodlelike spaetzle.

Total: 40 mins

Bavarian Beef

Better Homes and Gardens

This pot roast recipe has German seasonings (including pickles, wine, and mustard), resulting in an especially flavorful gravy. Make the spaetzle from scratch or from a mix.

Spaetzle with Caramelized Onions

Better Homes and Gardens

Pork, vegetables, and spaetzle combine to make a complete meal in just 30 minutes.

Total: 30 mins

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