German Beef Dishes

German beef is the perfect Sunday supper: roasted, and usually served with delicious spaetzle noodles and a tart sauerkraut. And when serving a German beef dinner, don't forget the mustard and horseradish.

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Red-Wine-Braised Beef Brisket

Food & Wine

Both Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo had early experiences with sauerbraten, the German braised brisket. Castronovo sampled it on trips to Germany; Falcinelli had it at the German deli where he worked as a teenager. The terrific recipe they ultimately perfected is both very sweet and very sour, made with raisins, apples, red wine vinegar, and red wine.

Total: 4 hrs 30 mins

German-Style Beef Roast

Better Homes and Gardens

Red wine, dill pickles, and mustard flavor this slow cooker beef roast.

Easy Sauerbraten-Style Meat Loaf

Better Homes and Gardens

Here's a delicious, quick-to-assemble alternative to German meat loaf.

Lower-Calorie Stroganoff-Style Beef

Better Homes and Gardens

Yogurt replaces the traditional sour cream for a calorie-reduced version of this classic dish.

Total: 30 mins

Bavarian Beef

Better Homes and Gardens

This pot roast recipe has German seasonings (including pickles, wine, and mustard), resulting in an especially flavorful gravy. Make the spaetzle from scratch or from a mix.

Beef Rolls Bavarian

Midwest Living

This traditional German dish is a pickle-filled beef roll. Serve it for dinner with gravy, braised cabbage, and dumplings.

German-Style Pork Stew

Better Homes and Gardens

Beef and Cabbage Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

Ham, beef, beans, and lots of vegetables make this soup a filling meal for a cold winter day.

How to Tailgate: The Best Salad Recipes

Some say it's a good tailgating salad that makes the party, rounding out all the other great dishes, like chili, brats, pie, and desserts. We kind of agree. A good, old-fashioned German Potato Salad or a Creamy version that is just a little lighter on the mayo sound to us like essential dishes for true-blue tailgating.

How to Make the Best-Ever Roast Beef

Learn how to make this best ever roast beef recipe that provides enough gravy to be used on side dishes.

How to Cook Ground Beef

If you know how to cook ground beef, you can serve up a healthy one-dish meal any day of the week. Ground beef became popular as a way to make scraps of fatty beef salable. Originally the meat was chopped finely or minced, but by 1902 butchers were simply running it through the meat grinder twice along with spices and onion, and selling the resulting ground beef as "hamburger." Today ground beef is used in all sorts of dishes, from meatloaf to tacos, and Americans consume approximately 13 billion hamburgers a year.

Viva Vegetarian! 10 Ultrasatisfying Meatless Meals

Erase that vision of a bland block of tofu! Whether you're trying to reduce the amount of meat in your diet or just want to shake up your nightly dinner routine, vegetarian dishes can be a delicious option. Eliminating meat isn't as difficult as you might think--some of your favorite dishes already have layers upon layers of flavor even before you add the chicken or beef.

How to Cook Cube Steak

Learning how to cook cube steak the right way, and you'll have a flavorful meal that makes you feel like you've eaten in a steakhouse, without the dent in your wallet.

Casual Cooking - Beef Recipes

You're looking for recipes that you'll love serving friends at an informal backyard cookout. This customized menu is built around easy-does-it beef dishes and sides that mix and match favorite flavors with new taste sensations. We've tossed in some simply creative desserts to serve as sweet finales.

Gourmet Cuisine - Beef Recipes

You're looking for elegant recipes that go well with a stylish, subdued alfresco dinner. This customized menu is built around creative beef courses and side dishes that are flavored with exquisite ingredients. We've included equally intriguing desserts to cap off the dining experience.

American Classics - Beef Recipes

You're looking for killer-good recipes that enhance a carefree, energetic backyard bash. This menu is built around sizzling slabs of beef bursting with bold flavor. We've included ridiculously easy side dishes and simple but mouthwatering desserts to top off the meal.

Family Style - Beef Recipes

You're looking for recipes that go with a fun, family-friendly barbecue. This customized menu is built around eat-with-your-hands beef dishes that are flavored with simple ingredients kids will love. We've added sides that are quick, easy, and familiar. And the super-simple desserts will make sure everyone leaves with a smile.

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