German Cuisine

Germany offers hearty European cuisine perfect for chilly nights, with emphasis on beef and chicken, as well as heartwarming potatoes, noodles, and cabbage. With mild flavors, German cuisine is perfect for tart mustards and relishes.

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Red-Wine-Braised Beef Brisket

Food & Wine

Both Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo had early experiences with sauerbraten, the German braised brisket. Castronovo sampled it on trips to Germany; Falcinelli had it at the German deli where he worked as a teenager. The terrific recipe they ultimately perfected is both very sweet and very sour, made with raisins, apples, red wine vinegar, and red wine.

Total: 4 hrs 30 mins

Sweet-and-Sour Braised Cabbage

Food & Wine

To punch up the flavor of braised cabbage, a classic accompaniment to sauerbraten, Frank Castronovo adds dried sour cherries, apples, and a pinch of ground cloves.

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Linzer Torte

Food & Wine

Frankies co-owner Frank Castronovo's wife, Heike, a talented home baker, created Prime Meats' outstanding jam tart with cocoa-flavored pastry. "If she entered it in a country fair in her hometown in Germany, she'd win a blue ribbon," says Frank Falcinelli. "But she has an unfair advantage, since her father is a professional baker in Freiburg, Germany."

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Potato Kugel with Fried Shallots

Food & Wine

Kugel is a baked pudding, usually made with noodles, or potatoes. This version, prepared with shredded potatoes and fried shallots, is crispy at the edges and deliciously creamy in the middle.

Total: 2 hrs
Total: 10 mins

Pork Belly with Buckwheat Spaetzle and Collards

Food & Wine

Chefs love pork belly because it's inexpensive yet tastes luxurious. Joseph Lenn, a chef at Blackberry Farm, cures it overnight in salt and sugar to add flavor, then braises it until it's meltingly tender. Chef Tip: To brown spaetzle, dry it well after boiling.

Total: 3 hrs

Beer and Kraut Brats


You can enjoy the flavors of Oktoberfest any time of year with this hearty bratwurst dish that cooks quickly on top of the stove.

Total: 35 mins

Country Ribs and Kraut

Better Homes and Gardens

While preparing these make-ahead ribs, the wonderful aroma may entice you to serve them immediately. You choose!

German Butter Cake

Fine Cooking Magazine

A perfect partner for a cup of coffee, German Butter Cake gets its character from sour cream, butter, and sliced almonds.

Smoked Sausage Sauerkraut Soup


Smoked Sausage and Sauerkraut make this soup cooked in the slow cooker hearty with a punch of sour.

Total: 6 hrs

German-Style Beef Roast

Better Homes and Gardens

Red wine, dill pickles, and mustard flavor this slow cooker beef roast.

Chicken Braised in Sauerkraut

Atkins - Phase 1

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Total: 1 hr

Beer-Braised Brats

Better Homes and Gardens

Cooking brats in beer before grilling adds flavor and keeps them from burning on the outside before they're cooked on the inside. They're great for a backyard barbecue.

German Grilled Ribs

Better Homes and Gardens

Apples provide an autumnlike flavor to pork ribs and sauerkraut. For easy cleanup and convenience, the sauerkraut heats in a foil packet alongside the ribs.

Bavarian Pork Roast

Better Homes and Gardens

For more of the flavor of Germany, heat Bavarian-style sauerkraut to serve along with the well-seasoned pork and tangy gravy.

German-Style Pork Sandwiches

Better Homes and Gardens

Slow cook beer-simmered pork and sauerkraut to serve on rye bread with Swiss cheese.

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