French Cassoulet

A rich, slow-cooked bean stew from the South of France, traditional cassoulets can feature many different meats including pork, duck and goose. We've got these cassoulet recipes, and more versions of this savory standout, ready for your slow-cooking pleasure.

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Total: 10 hrs 20 mins

Slow Cooker Bean Cassoulet

Betty Crocker

Tasty main dish or hearty side dish, it's your choice. Team these beans with biscuits and coleslaw for dinner one night soon.

Total: 8 hrs 15 mins

Bean-and-Leek Cassoulet

Food & Wine

"I love cooking the hell out of leeks," Jerry Traunfeld says. "They get this melty, rich quality and saucy consistency." In this luscious dish, he combines the slow-cooked leeks with meaty porcini mushrooms and cranberry beans (a.k.a. borlotti or shell beans), which can be found fresh in early autumn and taste like chestnuts. The dish can easily be adapted for carnivores by adding bits of crispy bacon or that key cassoulet ingredient, duck confit.

Total: 2 hrs 35 mins

Country-Style Cassoulet

Better Homes and Gardens

Rich with tradition, this classic French peasant dish offers a robust blend of beans, meats, poultry, and vegetables in every bowl.

Cassoulet with Duck Confit

Food & Wine

Chef Laurence Jossel created this stripped-down version of the classic French stew, with creamy white beans, luscious store-bought duck confit, smoky French garlic sausage, and slab bacon. Letting the beans rest overnight develops their flavors.

Total: 3 hrs

Mixed Bean Cassoulet

Heart-Healthy Living

This bean casserole, a meatless rendition of the classic French cassoulet, is very high in soluble fiber, the kind that may help lower cholesterol.

Chicken Cassoulet


A classic cassoulet takes two days to make and is larded with fat. This version keeps it simple with one skillet and a light touch. Serve with some crusty whole-grain rolls.

Total: 40 mins

Two-Bean Cassoulet

Better Homes and Gardens

To add ease to this French country chicken supper, we used canned beans instead of dried.

Slow-Cooker Cassoulet

Family Circle

White Beans: Cook Once, Eat Twice

I love a warm, hearty cassoulet on chilly winter nights. Cassoulet is a traditional French stew made with a variety of beans and meats, such as duck or sausage. True, it can be time-consuming to prepare, so I save it for a Sunday.


Heart-Healthy Living

Pork-Lentil Cassoulet

Diabetic Living

Pork shoulder is tender from simmering in the slow cooker for this recipe. The hearty vegetables and healthy lentils make for a complete meal.

Easy Cassoulet


Here's a hearty French dish recipe made incredibly simple with canned beans, turkey kielbasa, and roasted chicken meat. Serve with crusty bread for a quick and tasty dinner.

Quick Cassoulet


Inspired by the rustic--and time-consuming--French classic, our cassoulet, made with leftover turkey or chicken and canned beans, makes a simple, hearty supper.

Total: 1 hr 5 mins

Cassoulet-Style Chicken Thighs


Classic cassoulet recipes can take days to make and of course contain rashers of duck, smoked meats and the like. This version keeps it simple and not quite so rich with one skillet, healthier ingredients like low-fat kielbasa, and just 45 minutes to prepare.

Total: 45 mins

Meatball Cassoulet

Better Homes and Gardens

Cassoulet is a rustic stew from the Southwest of France that's made with white beans and a variety of meats. This recipe relies on work-saving frozen meatballs and smoked turkey sausage.

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