Danish Desserts

The Danes take hosting seriously, and desserts are a delicious component of Danish hospitality. In Denmark, fruits play supporting roles to cakes and pastries, as well as ice creams, dessert pancakes, and creamy rice puddings.

See Popular Danish Desserts Recipes

Red Fruit Pudding with Cream

Vegetarian Times

If you are using fresh strawberries, rinse, hull and quarter them for this Rod Grod med Flode.

Spectacular Cinnamon-Almond Ring

Better Homes and Gardens

This outstanding yeast bread rises in the refrigerator overnight, giving you a head start on a special breakfast or brunch.

Ice Cream Morphs into New Gelato Brand: Food News

Gourmet ice-cream maker Haagen-Dazs, the Danish company that's been making deluxe ice cream for 40 years now, just announced it is coming out with a new line of gelato that will "transport consumers to Italy with every spoonful," according to the food website Delish. And get a load (or should we say a "scoop"?) of these crazy Italian flavors: Stracciatella (smooth sweet cream with chocolate shavings); Sea Salt Caramel (ribbons of sea salt caramel blended with caramel gelato); Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato (a blend of black cherries with Amaretto); and Limoncello (zesty and creamy lemon with a touch of vodka).

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