European Cuisine

They don't call it Continental cuisine for nothing. From the sweet delights of Austria and the hearty cassoulets of France to the pastas of Italy and the tapas of Spain, these recipes bring European flair and European flavor to your table.

Tacos Al Pastor

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This Mexican recipe is extra hot. The dried guajillo chilies pack a lot of heat and give an authentic spiciness to the pineapple and pork filling. Serve in warm corn tortillas with onion, cilantro, and sour cream.

Onion-Dill Bread

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Hungarian Paprika Chicken

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Hot Hungarian paprika adds a rich, robust flavor to this creamy chicken main-dish recipe.

German Skillet Supper

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Total: 35 mins

Quick Cassoulet

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Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes when this pork and bean stew is on the menu. Crispy bacon and Italian seasoning adds flavor to this recipe; kielbasa adds a hint of spice.

Fresh Tomato Marinara Sauce

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Creamy Vino Sauce

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Total: 20 mins

Marinara Sauce

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Simmering this Marinara Sauce brings a blend of wonderful aromas to your kitchen. Basil and cayenne stand out in this sauce from Bartolino's restaurant. It's delicious with the meatballs or with pasta alone.

Mushroom and Herb Pizza

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Shrimp Enchiladas

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These low-fat enchiladas are filled with a saucy mixture of shrimp and mild poblano chiles.

Spaghetti Beef Stew


Slow cooker beef roast with vegetables and sauce is an excellent topping for pasta.

French Onion Dip

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Caramelizing the onion adds a sweet taste to a homemade dip served with vegetables or chips.

Red Mesa Grill Margaritas

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The Fresh Sour Mix recipe can easily be cut in half. Or, freeze any remaining in plastic ice cube trays.

The Windy City Italian

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Maple Pudding with Quick Praline

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This European dessert is sweet and sophisticated, perfect to end an autumn dinner party. The homemade maple pudding is sure to impress, especially when paired with praline, candy made from nuts.

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