Easter Cookies

Whether you're baking Easter cookies by the dozen or assembling one giant cookie dessert, these Easter recipes are for you. Use our tasty dessert recipes and simple decorating instructions to create cute Easter cookies every time.

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Easter Bunny Cookies Are Hoppin'!

I'm having an unusual urge to make Yummy Bunny Cookies this Easter. (These bunnies are really fun to make--from shaping the dough into head and ears, to sprinkling coconut over the top, to making jelly-bean eyes and nose, peanut-butter cup eyebrows, and licorice-whip whiskers.) But the bunnies are a new thing for me.

Lavender Fortune Cookies

Ladies' Home Journal
Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Pastel Cream Wafers

Better Homes and Gardens

High-sparkle sanding sugar is a little coarser than granulated sugar. It's available where cake decorating supplies are sold and by mail.

Pastel "Black and White" Cookies

Ladies' Home Journal

Spritz Cookie Flowers

Ladies' Home Journal
Total: 2 hrs

Egg Cookie Ornaments

Family Circle

Kids will get a kick out of decorating edible cookie Easter eggs! Bake a batch before the bunny hops into town this year.

Sugar Cookie Standouts

Better Homes and Gardens

This 3-in-1 sugar cookie recipe is so versatile, you can bake a different variation each week leading up to Christmas. Or pick your favorite to serve to family and friends.

Easter Egg Cookies

Better Homes and Gardens

Edible wheat grass makes a cozy resting spot for these lemony cookies. Find the grass in the produce section of major supermarkets. Or check at large health food stores where the grass is used to make juice.

Meringue Kisses

Ladies' Home Journal

Best of Easter Desserts: Egg Cookies, Chocolate Eggs, Bunny Cakes and More

Egg candies, darling bunny cakes, and delicious dessert ideas are some of the sweetest ways to end an Easter celebration. Try one of these this weekend.

Mother-Knows-Best Carrot Cookies

Midwest Living

If your kids won't eat their carrots, sneak them in some cookies, as we've done with this recipe. These moist, cake-like treats are topped with an orange frosting.

Crescent Moons


These rich, butter and nut cookies are a Christmas favorite. Their powdered sugar coating looks like freshly fallen snow.

Easter Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Better Homes and Gardens

The Easter bunny will hop to this basket. To dress up these cookies, stir 2 tablespoons small multicolor decorative candies into the dough with the last flour added.

Macadamia Nut Cookies with Vanilla Cream Frosting

Better Homes and Gardens

Using pure vanilla extract instead of imitation vanilla creates unbeatable flavor in this decadently rich cookie recipe. A sprinkling of cardamom adds an extra dose of flavor.

Chicks and Bunnies

Ladies' Home Journal

Bunny & Chick Cookies

Betty Crocker

Making sweet bunnies and chicks is child's play. Devouring the cookies is a tasty pleasure for all.

Total: 1 hr 35 mins
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