Easter Breakfast and Brunch

Welcome spring with a delicious Easter brunch. From showstopper hams to French toast, frittatas, quiches, casseroles, and more, our Easter recipes will give you plenty of great brunch ideas.

Eggs Benedict with Maltaise Sauce

Midwest Living

Maltaise sauce is simply hollandaise sauce with a bit of orange zest and juice added, making it a fresher take on the classic egg dish.

Eggs Benedict

Better Homes and Gardens

Mock Hollandaise sauce saves time and stress of starting from scratch. This breakfast or brunch special can be made ahead.

Total: 25 mins

Caramel Bubble Ring

Better Homes and Gardens

Refrigerated breadsticks make these sweet rolls super easy to prepare.

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

Better Homes and Gardens

Chocolate chips and bread pudding go hand-in-hand at the holidays in this dessert, which is topped with a brown-sugar sauce.

Apricot-Glazed Ham Loaf

Better Homes and Gardens

If your holidays do not bring an entire tribe to the table, make it easy on yourself by making this luscious ham loaf glazed with Dijon-spiked apricots and pineapple juice. It is perfect for a dinner for two during the holidays or any time of the year -- and leftovers make sensational sandwiches.

Rich Crumb Cake

Family Circle

Mini chocolate chips are a delightful addition to this sour cream coffee cake recipe. Serve for dessert or brunch.

Biscuit Blossoms

Better Homes and Gardens

Buttermilk, butter, and shortening ensure the richest, flakiest biscuit recipe. Serve with dinner or as a treat to energize a morning egg hunt.


Better Homes and Gardens

Take your pick of champagne cocktails with these pineapple or cranberry variations.

Eggs Goldenrod

Midwest Living

Hard-boiled eggs are stirred into a creamy white sauce and served over flaky biscuits in this breakfast recipe.

Total: 35 mins

Baked Oatmeal Wisconsin-Style

Midwest Living

Cinnamon, sugar, milk, and eggs are mixed with oatmeal to create this hearty breakfast casserole.

Breaded Asparagus


The bread crumbs create a crisp coating for the asparagus as it bakes. Serve with honey mustard dip for a quick snack or appetizer.

Cinnamon Twists

Better Homes and Gardens

Spiced Breakfast Popovers

Diabetic Living

Sweet and sensational, the strawberries in one serving of this luscious breakfast supply 75 percent of your vitamin C needs for the day.

Sour Cream Swirl Coffee Cake

Midwest Living

Slice into this sour cream coffee cake and you'll find a swirl of brown sugar, cinnamon, and pecans right in the center.

Spinach Pancetta Quiche

Better Homes and Gardens

Fill a flaky pastry crust with eggs, pancetta, cheese and Greek yogurt for a tender, tasty brunch.

Easter Breakfast and Brunch  Recipes: Take your pick!
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