Easter Breakfast and Brunch

Welcome spring with a delicious Easter brunch. From showstopper hams to French toast, frittatas, quiches, casseroles, and more, our Easter recipes will give you plenty of great brunch ideas.

Eggs Benedict with Maltaise Sauce

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Maltaise sauce is simply hollandaise sauce with a bit of orange zest and juice added, making it a fresher take on the classic egg dish.

Eggs Benedict

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Mock Hollandaise sauce saves time and stress of starting from scratch. This breakfast or brunch special can be made ahead.

Total: 25 mins

Caramel Bubble Ring

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Refrigerated breadsticks make these sweet rolls super easy to prepare.

Honey-Apple Pancakes

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Serve these golden apple-spice griddle cakes with honey, reduced-calorie syrup, or fresh fruit.

Crustless Cheddar Quiche with Summer Veggies

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This slow cooker egg casserole can be customized with any seasonal vegetables.

Spinach Pancetta Quiche

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Fill a flaky pastry crust with eggs, pancetta, cheese and Greek yogurt for a tender, tasty brunch.

Date-Nut Bread

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Chewy sweet dates contrast with salty mixed nuts in this golden version of an old-fashioned favorite recipe. Be sure to buy whole dates that are not already sugared.


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The Dutch settlers in New York loved krulljes, which were crispy puffs of fried dough that we know today as crullers.

Orange-Raisin Brunch Bread

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This yeast bread recipe, also called a brioche, has a lightly sweet and rich flavor. Braided and shaped, it encircles fruit or a container of spread when served.

Sausage and Apple Torta

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This savory dinner pie has an apple and sausage filling with a cheesy egg mixture baked on top. Perfect for brunch too.

Homemade Granola

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If you prefer, substitute 3/4 cup slivered almonds for the coconut. Wait to add the almonds along with the wheat germ.

Les Orielles de Cochon

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Les Orielles de Cochon (lay zaw-RE-y day kaw-SHOHN) is French for pig's ears. Why the funny name? Because as these sweet treats fry, they are twisted to resemble little ears. Drizzle them with syrup for a sweet treat.

Total: 45 mins

Carrot and Bacon Quiche

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Swiss cheese, carrots, and bacon flavor this popular brunch recipe. It's ideal for serving with fruit. For lunch or dinner, serve with a green salad.

Monterey-Turkey Quiche

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Watching your cholesterol? This lightened up quiche recipe is tailor-made for you since it calls for ground turkey breast in place of beef and egg whites instead of whole eggs.

Danish Aebleskiver

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Aebleskiver, round pancakes that resemble popovers, are baked on the stovetop in a special pan that has indented cups. Look for the pan in kitchen shops and specialty stores and catalogs. When making them, keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

Crab Quiche

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A prepared pie shell makes this quick crab quiche easy for busy weeknights or a simple brunch.


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