Other holidays might get more attention when it comes to holiday meals, but in our book, the annual Easter feast rivals Turkey Day. (And not just because we like hunting for Easter eggs.) Why is the Easter meal so special? Timing. Though the date varies, Easter always falls during the springtime, which is one of the most exciting seasons for food. New life is sprouting up everywhere, and the flavors are fresh: asparagus, peas, carrots, mint, lemons, strawberries, and the list goes on. What to serve as a main course? You can't go wrong with lamb. A fragrant leg of lamb roasted with fresh herbs is a solid choice, or opt for a stunning crown rack of lamb for your table's centerpiece. Ham is also a classic choice for this holiday. Though ham recipes abound, the sweet-salty combination of honey-glazed ham is our go-to choice. Whatever you select for your meal, definitely end on something sweet. Classic Easter desserts like a towering coconut cake, carrot cake, or a fresh fruit tart will trump any of the candy in those Easter baskets.

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10 Dazzling Easter Desserts

Sweet things abound at Easter time--its secular side is practically devoted to candy, from those ubiquitous gooey creme eggs to jewel-toned jelly beans. But man (and kid) cannot survive on candy alone, and once the dishes have been cleared from the Easter feast, it's time for dessert. What makes a dessert an "Easter dessert?"

Our Best Easter Desserts

Check out our best recipes for Easter desserts and treats!

Our Best Easter Dinner Ideas

Check out our best recipes for Easter dinner!

Our Best Easter Brunch Recipes

Check out our best Easter brunch recipes!

7 Eggs-travagant Easter Breads for Easter Brunch

Whether it's due to morning church services or egg hunts, Easter meals tend to happen earlier in the day, which means breads -- both savory and sweet -- are often an integral part of the feast ... and these seven breads are perfect for the celebration. If kids are in the mix at your holiday table, you can't go wrong with edible bunnies -- and we've got not one but two of them!

Easter Bunny Cookies Are Hoppin'!

I'm having an unusual urge to make Yummy Bunny Cookies this Easter. (These bunnies are really fun to make--from shaping the dough into head and ears, to sprinkling coconut over the top, to making jelly-bean eyes and nose, peanut-butter cup eyebrows, and licorice-whip whiskers.) But the bunnies are a new thing for me.

Our Best Cakes for Easter

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Easy Easter Dinner with 7 Springy Sides

A beautiful Easter lamb. Or an Easter ham. No question, that's what a beautiful Easter dinner is all about.

Prettiest Easter Cakes in the Holiday Parade

Halloween might get all the credit when it comes to sweet holidays, but Easter is no slouch when it comes to treats. And while everyone loves brightly colored jelly beans and marshmallow chicks, candy isn't exactly appropriate for dessert after the big Easter meal. No worries--cake to the rescue!

One Family's Easter Tradition: Classic Ricotta Cheesecake

During my entire life, Easter has meant that it's time for one of my very favorite food traditions of the year: ricotta pie. What my family calls "ricotta pie" is, in reality, ricotta cheesecake to everyone else. This pie is an integral part of our Easter celebration -- we make it the day before, keep it in the fridge, then eat it for breakfast with hard-cooked eggs, fruit salad, and other delights that change each year.

Leftover Easter Candy Doughnut Cake Pops

These easy Doughnut Cake Pops are a fun and creative way to use up leftover Easter Candy!

Festive and Easy Easter Side Dishes

Easter dinner lets you mix things up, unlike at Thanksgiving, when there's the turkey and a list of must-have sides. Sure, many families love ham, but other main courses make appearances; everything from lamb to brisket can be found on American Easter tables. Side dishes are just as varied--some theme their dinners around the notion of springtime flavors like asparagus and minted peas, while others are just as happy to showcase heartier dishes like cheesy, creamy potatoes au gratin or a velvety sweet-potato puree.

Easter Kids Dinner: Hoppin' Ham Bunny

I've got bunnies on the brain -- must be because Easter is right around the corner! This simple yet festive dinner was brought to you by leftovers. I know, I know--kids hate leftovers, right?

Cupcakes Abloom! -- 6 Springy Easter Cupcakes

In a secular sense, Easter is a celebration of everything sweet, so why not bake up a batch of Easter cupcakes for your celebration? We've gathered together some of our favorite cupcakes -- all of them appropriate for the season. From citrusy sunshine cupcakes to elegant little cakes covered with edible flowers, there are plenty of choices here.

Easter Ham for Brunch, Lunch and Dinner

Easter wouldn't be the same without Deviled Eggs, Hot Cross Buns and plenty of jelly beans but no food says Easter quite like ham.

Salmonella Alert for Easter Chicks & Backyard Chickens

A thought for Easter week: If you, like so many Americans, enjoy keeping chickens in the backyard, might we suggest a name for two of them -- Sam and Ella. No kidding. Keeping chickens on the property might be fun for the kids -- economical for you, even, with all those eggs -- but the popular hobby might also pose a serious health risk from salmonella, says a report from NPR.

A Basketful of Easter Candy Recipes

Sure, the grocery store aisles are bursting with candy during the Easter season--everything from rainbow-hued jelly beans to marshmallow bunnies. And that's a great option if you (or the Easter Bunny) are running short on time. But we say it's worth taking the time to make your own Easter candies.

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