Dutch Oven

Heavily cast in iron with enamel to ensure slow, even cooking, the Dutch oven with its tight-fitting lid seals in steamy flavors for slow-cooked stews, soups, and meat dishes. Browse recipes specially chosen for your beautiful warhorse, that Dutch oven.

David's Red Chile Tamales

Better Homes and Gardens

You will need a 5- to 6-quart Dutch oven and steamer or a tamale steamer for this Mexican-inspired main dish recipe. For a shortcut version of the homemade sauce, substitute canned enchilada sauce.

Giddyap Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

Make this beef and bean chili for game day with friends or when you're expecting a crowd for dinner.

Spiced Pumpkin Butter

Better Homes and Gardens

Made with pumpkin puree, warm spices, and a handful of other ingredients, this creamy all-purpose spread is delicious on pancakes, muffins, and toasted bread.

Tantalizing Chicken Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

Coffee and cocoa powder flavor this easy dinner. Serve the chili with corn bread muffins.

Hot Dog-Hamburger Secret Sauce

Midwest Living

This condiment, made with green tomatoes, apples, and onion, has a nice balance of sweet and tangy. Use it as a sandwich topper or serve with grilled meats.

Strawberry-Kiwi Jam

Better Homes and Gardens

Beef Bourguignon

Better Homes and Gardens

Beef roast is flavored in a red wine sauce for this traditional French stew recipe. Use the slow cooker directions when you need a hearty, table-ready meal on busy nights.

Classic Pot Roast

Better Homes and Gardens

Beer-Braised Brats

Midwest Living

Grill the bratwurst, then simmer them in a sweet and tangy beer sauce. When you're ready for dinner, put the brats in a bun and top with the pickles and cranberry relish.

Chicken Cacciatore

Diabetic Living

Golden Layer Cake with Chocolate Icing

Better Homes and Gardens

Hurry-Up Beef-Vegetable Stew

Better Homes and Gardens

Forget sandwiches--here's a tastier way to use leftover roast beef. And it's prepared start-to-finish in just 20 minutes.

Total: 20 mins

Pierogies with Meat Sauce

Midwest Living
Total: 25 mins

20 minute Italian Wedding Soup

Family Circle

This classic Italian soup always features the trio of meatballs, greens usually spinach or escarole and pasta.

Beef and Garlic Rice

Better Homes and Gardens

Roasted garlic added to plain rice makes it the perfect go-along with the beef roast in this one-dish dinner recipe.

White Bean-Turkey Chili with Corn Bread Dumplings

Better Homes and Gardens

A corn bread topper gives this zesty chili a homey touch. Turkey is a healthier alternative to the red meat.

Total: 22 mins

Rum-Glazed Ribs

Better Homes and Gardens

A simple chili-mango-rum glaze turns meaty pork ribs into a special Caribbean dinner.

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