Pork Dry Rubs

A pork dry rub can contain different mixtures of herbs, spices, and sometimes sugar. From ribs to tenderloin to loin, these easy recipes for pork dry rub add flavor to any cut of pork.

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    Pork Dry Rubs Recipes: Take your pick!
    Pork Dry Rubs Articles
    Preserving the Season with Oven-Dried Tomatoes
    ... pasta or pureeing into a sauce. If you're a fan of the sun-dried variety, you'll love this slightly... juicier, but just as flavorful, oven-dried version. The "low and slow" cooking method helps dry out... the tomatoes, and concentrates and intensifies their flavor. click here for our oven-dried tomatoes recipe I... read more...
    Savory & Sweet Dinner: Pork Chops with Peaches and Greens
    ...Pork chops are a favorite weeknight dinner standby for me. When I saw this recipe for Pork Chops... these would make a nice lighter batter than bread crumbs. Click here for our pork chops with fruit and greens... with and less messy. Then I coat each chop in the panko crumbs. The pork chops cooked up golden and crispy... read more...
    Hawaiian Sliders: Pork and Pineapple Perfection in a Bun
    .... Pork and pineapple is a classic combination, and in my Hawaiian sliders I took this dynamic duo even... ground pork, chopped onion, diced jalapeno, basil, salt, and pepper. You could add any other seasonings... on the grill, so I'd suggest making them a little larger than the buns you plan on using. At the risk of a pork... read more...
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    Pulled Pork Shoulder
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    Garlic-Roasted Pork
    by EatingWell
    Spanish Rub
    by EatingWell
    Garlic Lover's Rub
    by EatingWell
    Tuscan Pork Loin
    by EatingWell
    All-Purpose Rib Rub
    by Midwest Living
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