Dry Rubs

Anyone who knows their way around barbecue understands the value of a good dry rub. A dry rub recipe, made up of salt and a variety of other ingredients (spices, herbs, and sugar are common), is rubbed on raw meat before cooking, and then left for a time to allow the flavors to permeate the meat. (The salt draws out some of the moisture and helps the spices work their way in.) When cooked, the rub forms a savory crust, helping to trap the juices inside and creating moist, flavorful meat. It's especially delicious if you use it on meat you plan to grill on the barbecue, but dry rub recipes have many applications: Slow cooking a pork butt for pulled pork? Smoking ribs? Making a rotisserie chicken? Apply a dry rub first - you can thank us later.

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    Preserving the Season with Oven-Dried Tomatoes
    ... pasta or pureeing into a sauce. If you're a fan of the sun-dried variety, you'll love this slightly... juicier, but just as flavorful, oven-dried version. The "low and slow" cooking method helps dry out... the tomatoes, and concentrates and intensifies their flavor. click here for our oven-dried tomatoes recipe I... read more...
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