Iced Tea

Iced tea can be as complex as you want to brew it. With iced-tea flavors such as peach, mango-ginger, and lemon-mint, these easy drink recipes combine fruit juices, herbs, and citrus to make iced tea fit for any high society.

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Strawberry Iced Tea

Better Homes and Gardens

Frozen strawberries are a great alternative to fresh in this easy-to-make beverage. Be sure to use unsweetened berries.

Thai Iced Tea

Monk Fruit In The Raw

Minted Iced Tea

Better Homes and Gardens

Liven up your outdoor entertaining with this simple fruit-infused iced tea.

Agua Fresca de Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower Water)

The Food Channel

Aguas Frescas, which is Spanish for "Fresh Waters", are refreshing,non-alcoholic drinks available throughout Mexico, along with other countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

Minted Iced Tea

Midwest Living

Liven up your outdoor entertaining -- or just refresh your family's thirst -- with this simple fruit-infused tea. Orange and lemon accompany the mint that flavor this summer iced tea.

How to Make a Long Island Iced Tea

Despite its name and appearance there is actually no tea in a long island iced tea. Youll need ice, vodka, gin, white rum, tequila, triple sec and lemon juice. A splash of cola gives this cocktail its dark facade.

Cranberry Ginseng Tea

Better Homes and Gardens

Hosting a party? Make this fruity iced tea ahead. It's easy to double the recipe if entertaining a crowd.

Hibiscus Tea

Better Homes and Gardens

This fragrant, slightly tangy hibiscus tea features a symphony of flavors, with bright citrus notes and the sweet warmth of honey and cinnamon. Make a double batch for your next summer gathering, and enjoy this refreshing taste of the Caribbean.

Ginger Tea Punch

Better Homes and Gardens

Combine iced tea and ginger ale for a refreshing low-calorie drink.

Sparkling Red and Green Tea

Heart-Healthy Living

Minted Mango Tea

Better Homes and Gardens

Mango adds a fresh sweet twist to this flavored low-calorie tea.

Sweet Lemon Tea

Monk Fruit In The Raw

Cranberry Orange Tea

Taste of the South
Total: 4 hrs 20 mins

Iced Chai Tea

Atkins - Phase 1

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Total: 1 hr

Apricot-Mint Tea

Better Homes and Gardens

For a cool summer sipper, brew up a batch of this refreshingly fruity tea. To release the fresh mint flavor, crush leaves slightly with the back of a spoon.

Spiced Tea

Better Homes and Gardens

This chilled fruity tea is delicious at brunch or summer parties.

Spiced Fruit Tea

Better Homes and Gardens

If you freeze part of the tea mixture in ice cube trays, you can use the flavored ice when serving. When the "ice" melts, the flavor won't be diluted.

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