How to Make Strawberry Smoothies

Learn how to make strawberry smoothies, and you'll have breakfast or an afternoon snack in virtually no time. Simply combine a handful of ingredients and let your blender do the work. Fresh strawberries are great, but frozen work just as well, and they're good year round. Or, if strawberries are on sale or look especially tempting at the supermarket, stock up and freeze them yourself. Rinse the strawberries, pat dry with paper towels, trim off the stems, and halve if large. Freeze in resealable plastic bags, portioned for fruit smoothies, if desired. Because strawberries are naturally sweet, you can ease up on sweeteners if desired. Feel free to replace vanilla frozen yogurt with plain, low-fat Greek yogurt (mix things up and try adding different flavors like vanilla or blueberry). Milk--or a non-dairy alternative like soy or almond milk--also works as a substitute, although the smoothie won't be as thick. Strawberry and banana is a classic combination, but why not combine strawberries with mangoes, other berries or your favorite fruit? Blend to your heart's content.
-Hey, everyone. I'm Judith. Well today, I'll be showing you how to make a Strawberry Smoothie. So, what you'll need is 1-1/2 cups of frozen strawberries; 1 frozen peeled banana, sliced; 1 cup of orange juice or apple juice (today, we'll be using apple juice); 1 cup of vanilla frozen yogurt; and, 1 cup of crushed ice. So, very simply, we're just going to pop everything into the blender. So, in go the strawberries, the bananas. And, it's a great breakfast smoothie, something to do very quickly when you're on the run. Apple juice in there, the yogurt and a little bit of ice in there too just to make it nice and cool. Brilliant. So, we're going to blend that all together until it's nice and smooth. All right, so that is done. Blended nicely and we're just going to serve that in a nice tall glass. Oh, fantastic. Look at that. What a great breakfast smoothie. There you go. That's how you make your Strawberry Smoothie.

What You'll Need

  • 1 1/2  cups frozen strawberries

  • 1   frozen peeled banana, sliced

  • 1   cup orange juice or apple juice

  • 1   cup vanilla frozen yogurt

  • 1   cup crushed ice

Step By Step

In the container of an electric blender, combine strawberries, banana, juice, frozen yogurt, and crushed ice. Process until smooth. Pour into tall glasses and serve immediately.

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