Green Smoothies

Some folks call green smoothies the beverage of champions for the power they pack in taste and nutrients. From strawberry-wheatgrass to blueberry-spinach smoothie drinks, these easy recipes pair fruit and greens to make nutritious, colorful combinations.

Green Goodness

Family Circle

Who needs a juicer? This fruit and vegetable health drink is blended for easier clean-up.

Green Blast Smoothie

Better Homes and Gardens

The combo of fruit and vegetables in this smoothie provides a whole serving of vegetables and a whole serving of fruits. It's a blast to drink, too.

Sweet Spinach Smoothie

Midwest Living

Get all the benefits of spinach and avocado first thing in the morning by blending together in this vibrant smoothie. Lime juice and pear add extra freshness.

Avocado Smoothie

Midwest Living

Avocado adds healthy and filling fats to a morning smoothie and lends creamy texture. Alongside banana, orange juice, ginger, and honey, it's a nutritious way to start the day.

Total: 10 mins

Very Veggie Smoothies

Diabetic Living

Light mango juice and fruit masks the Swiss chard hiding in these low calorie green smoothies. The vegetables can be our little secret!

Total: 10 mins

Green Monster Freezer Smoothies


A healthy green smoothie is never more than a minute away when you have these premade fruit, vegetable and Greek yogurt ice cubes in your freezer.

Honeydew-Kiwifruit Smoothie


Blend fruit and ice together with just a little sugar for a cold drink that's also nutritious.

Sweet Beets and Greens Smoothies

Better Homes and Gardens

The sweet berries and pomegranate juice mask the vegetables (beets and leafy greens) hiding in this superfood smoothie.

Creamy Green Smoothies

Better Homes and Gardens

Lime sherbet adds a creamy, dessert-like consistency to this 105-calorie fruit and vegetable green smoothie.

Apple Avocado and Spinach Smoothie


Healthy fats and protein from avocado and yogurt give this green smoothie real staying power.

Total: 5 mins

Spring Green Smoothies

Better Homes and Gardens'll be our little secret that this green smoothie sneaks in both asparagus and spinach. With the grapes, kiwis and juice in the mix, you won't taste the vegetables at all!

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