Green Smoothies

Some folks call green smoothies the beverage of champions for the power they pack in taste and nutrients. From strawberry-wheatgrass to blueberry-spinach smoothie drinks, these easy recipes pair fruit and greens to make nutritious, colorful combinations.

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Green Blast Smoothie

Better Homes and Gardens

The combo of fruit and vegetables in this smoothie provides a whole serving of vegetables and a whole serving of fruits. It's a blast to drink, too.

Honeydew-Kiwifruit Smoothie


Blend fruit and ice together with just a little sugar for a cold drink that's also nutritious.

Shamrock Smoothie, 3 Ways

Try these delicious Shamrock Green Smoothie Recipes for St Patricks Day, including spinach and dairy-free variations.

Go Healthy: Eat Your Chia!

Move over, flax -- a new seed-based health-food craze is sprouting up: Ch-ch-ch-CHIA! Say what!? No, you should definitely not start eating the seeds off your Chia Pet, according to Today.

7 Days of Colorful Smoothies to Get You Out the Door on Time

Enjoy one of these colorful smoothies each day for breakfast and by the end of the week, you'll have enjoyed a full spectrum of healthful antioxidants.

7 Superfood Kale Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

We're crazy for kale! Try this superfood in greens-packed meals from breakfast to dinner to celebrate St Patricks Day.

Best Fruits and Vegetables to Buy Frozen

Fresh fruits and vegetables are amazing. Most of my job is, in fact, to cook with and write about these wonders. And yet ... there are plenty of produce items that are just as good -- and, dare I admit it? -- if not sometimes even better when frozen. But pay attention to this tip that goes for both frozen fruits and vegetables: Avoid bags of frozen produce that feel like a solid lump; it's a sign that the contents thawed at one point and re-froze together. I visited a blackberry processing plant in Oregon once and sawread more

7 Things You're Not Using Your Ice Cube Tray For (But Should Be)

These creative kitchen ideas will transform the way you think about your ice cube tray.

Best Hangover Cures: What to Eat to Turn Ugh! to Ahh!

All you need is a healthy bowl of homemade chicken soup. (No, you don't have a cold.) Or a big plate of pasta with a creamy-bacon sauce. (But, no, you're not just craving Italian cuisine.) How about some spicy huevos rancheros? But wait, it's way past breakfast. A hangover was probably the last thing on your mind last night, as you opened another bottle of wine or downed that final Jell-O shot. Nobody likes a party pooper. And didn't you just show them all! But, today, well, that's another story. How many ways can you spell headache, churning stomachread more

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