Milk Shakes

Cool and creamy, milkshakes double as both desserts and drinks. Whip up these easy milkshake recipes in all your favorite flavors, including strawberry, chocolate fudge, and French vanilla -- just like an old-fashioned soda fountain.

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    Milk Shakes Articles
    25 Ways to Shake Up Thanksgiving -- Approved by Grandma
    ... with plenty of ideas to shake up Thanksgiving. Let the game of chicken -- er, turkey -- begin! 1. Classic Meat... Spaghetti From Mexican to Italian ... and back to Mexican. Hey, the idea is to SHAKE UP Thanksgiving! 10... read more...
    How to Keep Milk Fresh: Smart Storage
    ...As with keeping meat fresh, milk, cream, and half-and-half should be refrigerated as soon as you.... That equation, however, is predicated upon the container being sealed until that date. In other words, milk... purchased a week before the sell-by date and opened right away might not be as fresh as milk with a later... read more...
    2013s Wildest Dessert Trend? Milk.
    ... for the ... milk? Turns out, the moo juice isn't just for strong bones anymore -- it's a must-have ingredient... Chamomile, Milk and Honey at the Castagna eatery -- it's a bit more complicated than dunking your after...-school Oreos in milk. First, the milk is frozen with cocoa butter and dried chamomile, then it's all turned... read more...
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