Non-Alcoholic Eggnog

Non-alcoholic eggnog is just as festive for holiday parties as eggnog spiked with rum. These easy recipes for non-alcoholic drinks use pumpkin, maple, and vanilla to create "egg-ceptional" flavor.

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    Non-Alcoholic Eggnog Articles
    Holiday Hobbit & Caribbean Eggnog: Best of the Blogs
    ...'s Coquito, which Jane Lear (Writing on Food and Travel) says is "like eggnog, only better." Coquito, a milky... nog recipe, and maybe something to think about for your New Year's Eve party. "Unlike many eggnog... -- or until the eggnog runs out. Try all these great recipes for New Year's Eve eggnog!... read more...
    Eggnog & Booze, A Recipe for Holiday Cheer: Food News
    ...Had lots of eggnog so far this season? If not, what are you waiting for? Whether you whip up your..., mixologist Clint Rogers tells the Chicago Tribune that eggnog goes great with booze. Hey, 'tis the season..., right? Eggnog cocktails? Yes, Santa! At Markethouse in Chicago, you can order a Kentucky bourbon... read more...
    25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Eggnog Angels
    ...Creamy, sweet, and slightly spicy, eggnog tastes sooo good. But put that eggnog flavor in a cookie...? Now we're talking divine! These Eggnog Angel cookies certainly taste as heavenly as they look..., these cookies don't contain any actual eggnog, but they're loaded with eggnog flavor: nutmeg, sugar, milk, eggs... read more...
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    Most Popular Non-Alcoholic Eggnog Recipes
    Guilt-Free Eggnog
    by Heart-Healthy Living
    Eggnog Punch
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    Berry Eggnog Punch
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    Old Fashioned Eggnog
    by Atkins - Phase 1
    Hazelnut Eggnog
    by Atkins - Phase 1
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