Irish Cream

Bottled or homemade, Irish cream liqueur adds a splash of richness to cocktail drinks. From Bailey's comet to an Irish cream special, these easy recipes with Irish cream liqueur are party-friendly.

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Chocolate Blitzen

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Total: 15 mins

irish cream cheesecake

Family Circle

For those that feel chocolate makes any dessert taste better, they'll love the addition of chocolate chips to this cheesecake.

Hot Cocoa

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Total: 20 mins

Chocolate Truffle Dessert

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This ultra-rich frozen dessert is versatile enough for any holiday. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters for Valentine's Day or stars for a Christmas gathering.

Irish Coffee: The Pride of Shannon

Propping your elbows on a well-worn bar at an Irish pub and sipping a glass mug of Irish coffee to the strains of the Chieftains warbling from the juke box is a pretty pleasant way to pass an evening, we'll give you that. The classic combination of hot black coffee, a shot of Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and frothy whipped cream on top is a soothing, warming libation best enjoyed in the company of good mates. But those good mates can be friends at home, and the Irish coffee a simple way to toast St.

How To Make an Irish Coffee

Want to add a kick to your hot brewed coffee? Add Irish whiskey, simple syrup and unsweetened cream to a coffee cup. Stir the mixture and serve warm for a pick-me-up that pairs well with a dessert menu.

St. Patrick's Day Feast: 5 Must-Have Recipes

St. Patrick's Day is a great excuse to entertain--it's a convivial holiday, and most people are in the mood to celebrate. But don't rely on leprechaun hats and shamrock tablecloths to jump-start the party.

A Taste of Ireland: Heartwarming Irish Recipes

Celebrate your Celtic roots (everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!) by discovering a bevy of Irish recipes.

Worldly Lamb Stews

Spring lamb is the meat of the season. And one of the best expressions of boldy flavored meat is the tender lamb stew, with a world of variations. So we put together an international blend of recipes that's sure to delight the taste buds of any stew lover, from a classic Irish stew to a French ragout to a fragrant and warming Middle Eastern combo.

Best of the Blogs: The Cooking of the Green

The wearing of the green surely does make Irish eyes smile. And, yes, St. Patrick's Day brings out the green (not with envy) in anyone with a soft spot for the patron saint of the Emerald Isle.

Elegant and Easy Irish Pots de Creme

St. Patrick's Day desserts don't have to be green to be festive. Try this elegant and rich recipe for spiked Irish Pots de Creme.

Father's Day Feast, Spiked with Liquor and Love

Dad's been drinking all afternoon! And so have you. But that's okay because it's his special day, and each of these great Father's Day recipes uses some kind of alcohol, not, as it turns out, to convert the backyard into the conference room at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce but to add flavor to wonderful dishes like grilled beer can chicken; steak, with either an Irish whisky or a red wine sauce; rum-glazed ribs; and fresh salmon with vodka.

Best of Food Blogs: Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with These 10 Recipes

Here are 10 ways to have the most scrumptious St. Patrick's Day yet from a few of our favorite food bloggers.

Your Tall Starbucks Coffee Just Got Pricier

Is your Starbucks spending habit--like ours--already totally out of control? Sorry to tell you this, coffee lovers, but more money trouble may be brewing. Reuters reports the java joint is upping the price of its tall coffees and lattes by 10 cents in the Northeast and Sunbelt.

St. Patty's Day Corned Beef: 4 Winning Recipes

Can we all agree to stop talking about green beer? Everyone knows that the real star of St. Patrick's Day is corned beef.

Perfect Mashed Potatoes: What's the Secret?

The trouble with mashed potatoes is -- what do you consider "perfect?" I like mine with lumps, skins and all the garlic in the world. Some people call those "smashed" rather than mashed, which is a nice distinction.

14 Luscious Chocolate Dessert Recipes to Share on Valentine's Day

Chocolate desserts designed to delight for Valentine's Day. Chocolate dessert ideas range from hot to cold, decadent to healthy, and easy to complex.

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