Irish Coffee

A mug of Irish coffee takes the chill out of a brutal winter night. These easy recipes for vanilla, cinnamon, and almond drinks create new twists on Irish coffee.

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Irish Coffee: The Pride of Shannon

Propping your elbows on a well-worn bar at an Irish pub and sipping a glass mug of Irish coffee to the strains of the Chieftains warbling from the juke box is a pretty pleasant way to pass an evening, we'll give you that. The classic combination of hot black coffee, a shot of Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and frothy whipped cream on top is a soothing, warming libation best enjoyed in the company of good mates. But those good mates can be friends at home, and the Irish coffee a simple way to toast St.

How To Make an Irish Coffee

Want to add a kick to your hot brewed coffee? Add Irish whiskey, simple syrup and unsweetened cream to a coffee cup. Stir the mixture and serve warm for a pick-me-up that pairs well with a dessert menu.

Irish Coffee

Atkins - Phase 2

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Total: 15 mins

Dublin Eggnog

Better Homes and Gardens

This cold-weather drink brings together two favorite Christmas flavors--Irish coffee and eggnog.

Total: 5 mins

Classic Irish Coffee

The Food Channel

Irish Coffee was originally created by an Irish chef/barman as a warm and welcoming drink for the first American tourists who arrived in Ireland via transatlantic passenger airplanes.

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