Cinnamon Coffee

With its subtly sweet, aromatic flavor, cinnamon coffee is a popular beverage. These easy recipes for hot and cold cinnamon coffee drinks range from slushes to cappuccino.

Orange-Spiced Coffee

Better Homes and Gardens

Spiked with orange liqueur, this nicely spiced brew can be served hot or cold. And it's low in calories!

Cinnamon Coffee

Better Homes and Gardens

Spiced Cappuccino

Better Homes and Gardens

In just 10 minutes you can make this classic Italian drink. And it tastes just like one from a cafe.

Cafe Brulot

Better Homes and Gardens

Add drama to after dinner coffee by serving this New Orleans specialty. To enhance the effect, dim the lights before flaming the brandy.

Total: 15 mins

Cinnamon Coffeecake

Better Homes and Gardens

Brunch guests will think you slaved over this coffeecake much longer than 15 minutes! Serve with a fruit salad and scrambled eggs for a magnificent morning meal.

Spiced Coffee and Cream Sipper

Midwest Living

Cardamom and cloves season the coffee used in this drink. It's mixed with ice cream to create a frothy cooler that's great for summer parties.

Iced Coffee Pops

Family Circle

How to Make Monkey Bread

Learning how to make monkey bread will give you an alternative to cinnamon rolls the next time you're looking for a home-baked breakfast.

How to Make French Toast

Sometimes the simple things can seem the most indulgent. Such is the case with French toast--delectably battered and lightly fried slices of bread, dripping in maple syrup, served with a side of fresh fruit and a warm mug of coffee. It's the kind of meal that could just as well come from a fancy restaurant brunch, but can seem like even more of a treat when enjoyed in your own fuzzy slippers. Lucky for you, it's easy to learn how to make French toast.

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