Sparkling and regular wines make perfect pick-me-ups for cocktails. From kir to French 75 to spritzers, these easy recipes for wine cocktails turn otherwise mundane drinks into dazzlers.

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Cucumber White Sangria

Midwest Living

Garden flavor infuses this refreshing make-ahead white wine cocktail. Entertain guests all summer long with this just-sweet-enough sip.

White Strawberry Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

This fresh take on sangria combines strawberry schnapps and white wine to create a crisp, fruity summer drink.

Pomegranate Spritzers

Better Homes and Gardens

Christmas and New Year's are good times to mix up this white wine cocktail recipe. This refreshing drink is extra easy to make.

Total: 15 mins

Cherry-Berry Sangria

Family Circle

Sunset Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Spend a relaxing afternoon slowly sipping this cool and delicious drink recipe that combines wine, sugar, and lime juice garnished with a nectarine.

Fruity Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Carbonated water gives this favorite summer beverage its sparkle. You can substitute nonalcoholic wine for the white wine.

Total: 15 mins

Red Wine Cooler

Diabetic Living
Total: 5 mins

White Wine Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

This refreshing Spanish beverage is a perfect starter for any festive gathering.

Total: 15 mins

6 Most Common Mistakes Wine Drinkers Make: Wine 101

We all make mistakes! Even experienced wine drinkers are guilty of making mistakes with their wines, but most of these errors are easy to sidestep if you know how. Of course, we're always big proponents of the idea that the best way to drink your wine is however you enjoy it most.

5 Essentials to Up Your Wine IQ Instantly: Wine 101

We've all been there: standing in the wine aisle, trying to pick out a good bottle for some occasion (even if that "occasion" is just Thursday night dinner). If you're lucky, some bottles will be labeled with little paragraph descriptions, often from one wine reviewer or another. But for all their flowery prose, these can be more confusing than helpful.

Decoding the Wine Label: Wine 101

For a lot of people, a wine label can seem like a foreign language -- not least because it may even include a foreign language, depending on where it was made. With terms like "Denominazione di Origine Controllata" or "non-inoculated primary fermentation," the average wine label could be the instruction manual for the international space station for all we know. But these labels can actually be quite informative if you know what to look for -- and they might even help you enjoy the wine a little more.

5 Big Wine Myths...Exploded! -- Wine 101

For the wine novice, it can seem like just to take a sip of wine, first you have to memorize a list of rules: what wines go with what; what temperature is the best for each wine, etc. And while some of these rules originated for good reason (they make your glass of, say, Chardonnay, eminently more enjoyable), there are lots of others that are more or less bunk. You've no doubt heard some of the more popular wine myths out there, but which ones have merit and which can you ignore (and which ones have been taken way too far)?

Sparkling Sangria

Family Circle

Autumn Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

More intensely flavored than summertime sangria, this wintry version includes a mix of fresh and dried fruit along with sparkling cider.

Grape Cocktail

Tyler Florence

Apple-Cinnamon Winter Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve apple-cinnamon winter sangria at dinner parties throughout the holiday season for a simple, tasty cocktail.

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