Enhanced with fruit flavors, sangria doubles as a cocktail or dinner drink. From the sangria margarita to sangria punch, these easy recipes are festive libations especially during the summer.

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Cucumber White Sangria

Midwest Living

Garden flavor infuses this refreshing make-ahead white wine cocktail. Entertain guests all summer long with this just-sweet-enough sip.

Sparkling White Sangria

Family Circle

Calvados, an apple brandy, and white wine add some spirit to this fruit punch.

Sangria-Style Cooler

Diabetic Living
Total: 15 mins

Cherry-Berry Sangria

Family Circle

Sweet Cherry Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Cherry Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Brighten up a bold bottle of red wine by mixing it with cherries, orange liqueur and fruit juice.

Sunset Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Spend a relaxing afternoon slowly sipping this cool and delicious drink recipe that combines wine, sugar, and lime juice garnished with a nectarine.

Mango-Peach Sangria

Food & Wine

John Besh of Restaurant August in New Orleans serves this lightly sweet, fruity white-wine sangria over plenty of ice cubes. "Use Viognier--it has a nice balance of fruit and acidity," he says.

Total: 30 mins

Sangria Spikes up Summer Fun

Sangria isn't just a summer beverage. It's summer in a bowl, an excuse to use fresh strawberries, peaches, blackberries, and other fruits of the season that will show up later in a beautiful glass filled with the most refreshing of thirst-quenching coolers. Sangria is the classic drink of Spain and Portugal, and each frosty pitcher seems to burst with sunshine.

Fruity Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Carbonated water gives this favorite summer beverage its sparkle. You can substitute nonalcoholic wine for the white wine.

Total: 15 mins

White Wine Sangria

Atkins - Phase 2

This Recipe is appropriate for Phases 2, 3, & 4 of the Atkins Diet. Join Atkins today to sign up for your Free Quick-Start Kit including 3 Atkins Bars and gain access to Free Tools and Community, as well as over 1,500 other Free Atkins-friendly Recipes.

Total: 2 hrs 15 mins

Apple-Cinnamon Winter Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve apple-cinnamon winter sangria at dinner parties throughout the holiday season for a simple, tasty cocktail.


Better Homes and Gardens

This wine-based punch, originally served in Spain, has been a hit in America for decades since it pairs so nicely with dinner or dessert.

Sunset Sangria--Happy Hour with

Learn how to make Sunset Sangriaa delicious combination of wine, lime juice, and sugar.

Sparkling Sangria

Family Circle

Autumn Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

More intensely flavored than summertime sangria, this wintry version includes a mix of fresh and dried fruit along with sparkling cider.

Make-Ahead Mixed Berry Summer Sangria

Get festive with this make-ahead summer berry sangria for the 4th or any festive occasion this season.

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