Non-alcoholic Frozen Drinks

For a fun happy hour sans alcohol, try frozen non-alcoholic cocktails. From mock margaritas to slushy liquor-free daiquiris, these easy recipes make the best and most scrumptious frozen non-alcoholic cocktails.

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Cool Dude Drinks

Better Homes and Gardens

Mosey on up to the counter for a mug of this fruity lemon-flavor drink.

Total: 15 mins

Huckleberry Orange Iced Milk

Vegetarian Times

Huckleberries are a close relative of blueberries. Wild Maine blueberries are a perfect substitute. Makes 2 quarts ice milk.

Mad Mad Martian Juice

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve these fun green drinks at a summer party or a Halloween bash.

Strawberry-Lime Cooler

Diabetic Living

Real strawberries offer almost all of the sweetness you need in this refreshing, summery sip. Just add a drizzle of honey!

Total: 15 mins

Pomegranate Cooler

Diabetic Living

Fresh pineapple and pomegranate juice team up in this sweet and slushy, diet-friendly sip.

Total: 15 mins

Strawberry-Apricot Slush

Better Homes and Gardens

Mix three ingredients for this frosty fruit slush.

Total: 5 mins

Spooky Spirits


Mock Margarita

Diabetic Living

This alcohol-free "cocktail" looks like its tequila-laced counterpart. And it's perfect for dieters--just 58 calories per drink.

Total: 10 mins

Orange Freeze


Milk and orange juice concentrate create this cool drink, which makes a refreshing snack on a summer day.

Knockout Punch: Best Frozen Drink Recipes

My first apartment had no air conditioner, which meant on sweltering summer days, I'd practically get heat-induced hallucinations of frozen drinks (not necessarily alcoholic, by the way). I would plod down to the nearby deli, where a self-serve slushie machine hummed out front. I could choose the amount of syrup (not so much), yank a lever that gave a satisfyingly old-school clunk, and out oozed the perfect mix of ice and liquid.

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Warm Winter Drinks to Jump-Start the Holidays

Hot chocolate, eggnog, and other winter-warming drinks like apple cider are meant for kicking back in front of a fire and letting the world go by.Or maybe ski by: Not long ago, a seven-year-old I know named Emily chirped, "Daddy, let's go to the lodge for some nice hot chocolate." Quite properly, her father said "no;" they had only been on the slopes for 15 minutes.

Best Cocktail Options for a Healthier Holiday

The seemingly endless round of holiday parties and end-of-year get-togethers at this time of year often means that you're drinking a bit more alcohol than usual. Those extra cocktails can add up to a lot of surplus calories! If you're going to imbibe, choose wisely. Naughty If you're planning on driving (or having more than one) it's best to avoid Martini-type cocktails, which tend to be very high in alcohol. A single restaurant-sized martini may contain more than three "drinks" worth of alcohol (and calories).

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Easy appetizer recipes for baby showers are the concern of ladies only. Since ladies are the only ones who have babies, Ladies should be the ones who go to baby showers. No Men allowed!

Fact or Fiction: Alcohol "Cooks Out"

Wine, beer, and spirits aren't just for cocktail hour; alcoholic beverages can also be essential ingredients in marinades, sauces, dips, and desserts. Alcohol intensifies the other flavors and aromas in a dish, and the acidity of some beverages such as wine and beer also acts as a tenderizer. But contrary to conventional wisdom, cooking does not necessarily eliminate all of the alcohol.

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