Irish Drinks

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day or any holiday with Irish cocktails. Have a splash of Bailey's on the rocks or test your Irish luck with curious recipes like an Irish French Kiss, an Irish Rickey, or Irish jello shots -- all fitting toasts to Irish tradition.

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    Irish Drinks Articles
    A Taste of Ireland: Heartwarming Irish Recipes
    ... Irish Coffee Steamy, complex coffee is complimented by a touch of Irish whiskey for a drink... holiday cheer? Dublin eggnog to the rescue! This drink combines coffee, Irish whiskey, eggnog and nutmeg... if you don't really have them--everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!) by discovering a bevy of Ireland... read more...
    Drink This Now: Wolf in the Throneroom
    ...'ll usually start with a good bourbon or scotch on a rock. Since it's the first drink, all my senses are still... read more...
    Make This Drink! The Part and Parsley
    ...: crisp and refreshing. I like using green herbs in cocktails they bring a nice savory quality drinks... in a drink. Turned out the secret was using them together. Do you follow any strict rules when... it comes to making a drink recipe? T: Not really. I sometimes use certain formulas that I've had success... read more...
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    Hot Cocoa
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    Dublin Eggnog
    by Better Homes and Gardens
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