Whether you're hosting an office party or friendly gathering, mixed cocktails are a must. Get the party started with these easy mixed cocktail recipes, including peach bellinis, cucumber mojitos, and gin and tonic.

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Ice Cream Cocktails to Float Your Boat

Yeah, we keep hearing how popular frozen ice pops are this summer. And you'd pretty much have to be crazy to turn down a Dairy Queen Blizzard, an orange creamsicle, or a good old-fashioned ice cream sandwich when the temps start soaring. But a root beer float that's been spiked with alcohol?

Lime and Cucumberita

Diabetic Living
Total: 10 mins

10 Skinny Spring Break Cocktails to Enjoy at Home

Skip sugary frozen drinks this spring break and sip these refreshing, low-calorie cocktails instead.

8 Celebratory Champagne Cocktails: Make New Year's Eve Sparkle!

After the ball drops and the first New Year's kiss, it's customary to raise a glass of something fizzy and sparkling on New Year's Eve. Traditionally, the sparkling stuff is ordinary Champagne, but, seeing as how New Year's is about change, renewal and adventure, why not start the new year off with something just a little out of the ordinary?These eight sparkling cocktails take Champagne for a new spin.

Summer Entertaining: A Fun and Easy Way To Serve Cocktails

Serve up some classy cocktails at your next party with these ideas.

Easy Thanksgiving Cocktails to Make the Big Day Sparkle

Bartenders measure a few ingredients, muddle, stir, or shake and--voila! Something amazing happens. But since I'm no bartender, I favor sparking wine cocktails which require no shaking, no stirring, no muddling, and barely any measuring.

Oscar-Worthy Cocktails (for the Starlet in All of Us)

Attending the Oscars is nice, but watching the Oscars from home is infinitely better. Ok, it's not like we know that from experience or anything. But think about it, you don't have to smile graciously when your name isn't called (who really believes it when they say "it's an honor just to be nominated"?)

Ginger Cosmopolitan

The Food Channel

This delicious cocktail features two flavors of the holiday season: ginger and cranberry. It's vivid red color will immediately grab the eye of your party guests.

Golden Peach Margaritas

The Food Channel

This summer cocktail combines the perfect balance of sour lime with the smooth richness of a fresh peach and kick of tequila.

Bloody Mary Ole

Pace Salsa & Picante

An invigorating combination of Spicy Hot V8® and Pace® Picante Sauce is mixed with vodka, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce for a refreshing drink.

Total: 10 mins


Diabetic Living
Total: 10 mins

Perfect Pear

Ladies' Home Journal

Use pear-flavored vodka, lemon juice, and a simple syrup to make this pretty cocktail. The drink is served with fresh pear slices.

Total: 10 mins

Orange Mint Juleps

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve this drink in traditional silver mint julep cups or crystal glasses.

Apple Martinis

Better Homes and Gardens

Stronger than your average apple martinis, these drinks combine vodka and vermouth, which is tempered with the sweetness of apple juice. Mix up a pitcher to serve when entertaining.

Total: 10 mins

Summer Mint Julep

Better Homes and Gardens

Once you make the simple syrup, this drink is a breeze to put together.

Total: 5 mins

Twinkling Ginger Champagne Punch

Better Homes and Gardens

Ginger adds a peppery bite to this sparkling drink. For a nonalcoholic version, skip the vodka and champagne and use the ginger syrup with sparkling water or sparking cider.

Simply Sweet Syrup

Better Homes and Gardens

Infuse the syrup with vanilla, fresh herbs, or lemon-ginger for a delightful syrup to serve with fresh fruit, cake, or beverages.

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