Chocolate Milk

Craving a milk chocolate drink? From milk chocolate milkshakes to smoothies to egg creams, these easy recipes turn an innocent glass of milk into a sinful milk chocolate treat.

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Flavored Moo Juice

Better Homes and Gardens

This ice cream refresher recipe takes less than five ingredients, whipping up quickly in a blender. It's an utterly fantastic kid's party drink, but don't wait for a special occasion to serve it.

Is Chocolate Milk the New Gatorade?

Yes, your kids "got milk" after school -- but do you "got chocolate milk" after your workout? A tall, frosty glass of chocolate milk may not be the first thing you think of reaching for after your 5K run, but as USA Today reports, the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP for short) is looking to change that. Yes, the same folks that brought us the wildly successful "Got Milk?"

Easy Chocolate Milk

Better Homes and Gardens

Whip milk and chocolate for a frothy chilled drink for kids.

Total: 5 mins

Minty Chocolate Milk


Make chocolate milk into an extra special snack by adding a little peppermint extract.

Chocolate Soy "Egg" Cream


Need a new way to enjoy soy milk? Add chocolate syrup and seltzer to create a delicious snack or breakfast drink.

Dessert Trend to Try: Mini Milk Chocolate Cakes

Get on board with the miniature dessert trend by taking a layer cake recipe, like this milk chocolate cake, and turning it into mini cakes.

Triple Chocolate Sipper

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 15 mins

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Heart-Healthy Living

This thick, frosty cold chocolate drink is sweet enough for dessert. Or just enjoy it as a cool snack.

Real Strawberry Milk to Please Kids and Adults Alike

A recipe for real strawberry milk using fresh strawberries, plus variations including strawberry chocolate and strawberry coconut.

How to Make Our Best-Ever Chocolate Cake

When you are craving a really good chocolate dessert reach for this recipe and make our best-ever chocolate cake. The rich creamy frosting makes this cake decadent.

How to Make Hot Chocolate

When you make this hot chocolate from scratch you will get a creamy, delicious and rich end product that is not overly sweet like some of the pre-package mixes can be.

How to Make Chocolate Chip cookies

Learn how to make the most classic cookie of all: the chocolate chip cookie. This delicious recipe is a staple and is one you will keep coming back to.

Banana Cake Balls

JELL-O Pudding adds a fun twist to the traditional cake balls recipe to create another delicious treat, Banana Cake Balls.

How to Make Quick and Easy Donuts

For a special breakfast treat learn how to make these quick and easy donuts. The chocolate frosting tops off these delicious donuts.

Double Chocolate Mint Ice Cream for Dessert

Two kinds of chocolate and an undertone of mint make this rich and smooth ice cream an impressive homemade dessert.

Baking Chocolate: Know Your Label Lingo

When you're ready to bake a batch of brownies or a molten chocolate cake, not just any old chocolate will do. There's a raft of baking chocolates to choose from, and picking the right one, from unsweetened or bittersweet squares to semisweet chips can take your chocolate desserts into the stratosphere. The best advice is to stick with the chocolate that your recipe recommends.

Got Milk? Fewer and Fewer Folks Do

We're not gonna lie: While we make our kids drink milk each night, we normally reach for a Diet Coke. (Or a glass of wine!) And it seems we're not alone.

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