How to Make Hot Chocolate
Why bother learning how to make hot chocolate from scratch when there's instant? Because the beverage you get from those powder packets with freeze-dried marshmallows doesn't come anywhere close to the rich, sweet, deep flavor of homemade. Plus you get to add as many fresh marshmallows as your heart desires.

Hi! It's Miranda with and today I'm gonna show you how to make Hot Chocolate. Now, this recipe is creamy, delicious, and rich but not overly sweet like some of those pre-package mixes. This is definitely going to become your new go-to. I've got our ingredients all laid out here, so let's get started. We have 1 cup of milk, 4 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a pinch of ground cinnamon. So, what we're gonna start by doing is taking out 2 tablespoons of the cold milk and I'm using this cute [unk] here but you could use a mug whatever you want to-- to serve your [unk] but so that you can see what's going on. I thought a clear container would be nice, so 2 tablespoons in there along with the cocoa powder. Lovely, lovely. Okay and the sugar. Okay and we're just gonna mix this together until we have a nice chocolatey paste. Alright, did you see that? Gorgeous, super chocolatey, amazing. So, set this aside and now you can either in a glass measuring dish like I have. You could pop this into the microwave and to steam the milk we want to get it until it's nice and steaming and warm but not boiling or you can warm it on a stove top like I'm doing. So, again we're just gonna get this nice and steamy and warm but not boiling. I got my steamy wonderful milk here. I'm just going to pop my vanilla in, give it a nice little-- little whisks. We're gonna pour it into the mug now. Steamy, steamy milk, wonderful. Now, we're gonna mix this together. I'm gonna froth this up by using a whisk. We're gonna make it nice and frothy. So, you can take a whisk and just go back and forth like this, kinda like your trying to start a fire in girl scouts [unk] with that. So, just go back and forth, back and forth or if you don't have a whisk or feel like doing this, you could just pop it into a blender. You go put on and make it nice and frothy and you'll be good to go. Let us sprinkle our cinnamon and now you are ready to enjoy your hot chocolate.
What You'll Need
  • 2   tablespoons sugar
  • 4   teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1   cup 1% milk, divided
  • 1/4  teaspoon vanilla extract
  •  pinch of ground cinnamon

Step By Step
Mix sugar, cocoa and 2 tablespoons cold milk in a mug until smooth. Heat the remaining milk in a small saucepan on the stovetop or in a 2-cup glass measure in the microwave until steaming hot but not boiling. Stir in the cocoa mixture and vanilla.
To froth the hot chocolate, whirl a whisk in it by rubbing your hands back and forth. (Alternatively, pour the hot chocolate into a blender, cover with the lid and a kitchen towel and blend until frothy.) Pour it back into the mug and sprinkle with cinnamon.

To froth the hot chocolate, whirl a whisk in it by holding it between your two palms and rubbing your hands back and forth. (Alternatively, you could pour the hot chocolate into a blender, cover with the lid and a kitchen towel and blend until frothy.) Pour the hot chocolate back into your favorite mug and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. And, voila--perfect hot chocolate, in just a matter of minutes!
Add some marshmallows, a pair of your fuzziest slippers, and kick back and take in a good book or movie. Once you've mastered how to make homemade hot chocolate, you're never going back to instant...
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