It's easy to forget about drinks when you're menu planning, but the perfect beverage can make a meal. These days, bartenders are calling themselves "mixologists", and incorporate the best ingredients available to create cocktails that taste as though Willy Wonka invaded the liquor cabinet. You can do the same with drink recipes at home, and you don't have to get fancy: A classic gin martini can offset the richness of a good steak beautifully, while a floral dessert wine is sometimes the best way to end a meal. Or start experimenting with coffees, teas, juices, shakes, smoothies and punches - you don't need alcohol to make drinks with buzz.

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Halloween Party Drinks -- Scare Up Some Fun!

Halloween is a showcase for creativity, and clever, tasty Halloween beverages are no exception. If you're planning a Halloween Party this year, why serve just soda or juice when you can scare up something much more exciting? Whether your Halloween celebration is kid-friendly or adults-only, we've got a ghoulishly good drink that's sure to add to the fun.

Our Best Irish Desserts and Drinks

Check out our best recipes for St. Patty's Day desserts and drinks

Warm Winter Drinks to Jump-Start the Holidays

Hot chocolate, eggnog, and other winter-warming drinks like apple cider are meant for kicking back in front of a fire and letting the world go by.Or maybe ski by: Not long ago, a seven-year-old I know named Emily chirped, "Daddy, let's go to the lodge for some nice hot chocolate." Quite properly, her father said "no;" they had only been on the slopes for 15 minutes.

The Downfall of Sugary Fall Drinks: Food News

As much as we love our fall foods -- apple crisp, butternut squash soup, pumpkin anything -- we really love our fall drinks -- apple cider, hot buttered rum, pumpkin spice anything. Honestly, what would we do without our seasonal menus? Sadly, those beautiful beverages are doing ugly things to our waistlines.

Liquid Lunch: Healthy Juice Drinks on the Rise

Whether you just want to get healthy, have an addiction to late night infomercials ("With the Jack La Lanne Power Juicer you always know it's fresh!"), or just really like a true liquid lunch, odds are you've given juicing a try at some point. In fact, drinking fruits and veggies has become so popular that it's sparking trends within the trend, Food & Wine's Kate Krader writes for CNN.

Cool, Classic Summer Drinks: Lemonade, Sweet Tea & So Much More

Creative drinks are more than just a way to quench your thirst. That's especially true come summertime, when a well-made beverage can showcase the best flavors of the season. The best thing about summer drinks is that they're suitable for all ages; no alcohol is necessary to enjoy delicious summer libations.

Zero-Calorie Diet Drinks = Zero Guilt, Right? Maybe Not for Long

Ok, if we're being honest, we've long had a sneaking suspicion that our Diet Coke habit isn't exactly healthy, even as we've continued to enjoy believing in the whole "zero calories equals zero guilt" equation. But this recent story from NPR has us doing a bit of second guessing about what we've long considered our one guiltless guilty pleasure. Reporter Allison Aubrey has been tracking studies related to the consumption of diet drinks, and she writes: "As the consumption of diet drinks made with artificial sweeteners continues to rise, researchers are beginning to make some uncomfortable associations with weight gain and other diseases."

Warm New Year's Drinks to Sip: Let Your Slow Cooker Tend Bar!

We love a good glass of bubbly as much as the next gal, but we have to admit, there's something that puzzles us about the fact that chilled Champagne is the unofficial drink with which to ring in the New Year. Maybe if you're celebrating in Australia, where it's the middle of summer. But up in our hemisphere, most of us experience New Year's Eve on the decidedly cold side (just watching the masses trying to keep warm in Times Square is enough to give us the shivers).

Fresh Summer Drinks: 7 Boozy Reasons to Hit the Farmers Market

I'm lucky: I live within walking distance of one of the best farmers markets here in town. But because it's one of the best, I've learned to get up early on Saturday and get there before nine. That's when a legion of bright-eyed fitness fiends with rolled-up mats under their arms start showing up for the free yoga class in the park, where they form an enormous concentric circle and begin their sunrise salutations (again, the class is free, so a hundred or more people show up).

8 Wild & Crazy Drinks for a Wild, Crazy New Year's Eve

The world may have not come to an end, but by whatever measure, 2012 was quite a year: Europe teetered on the brink of financial meltdown, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, then there was the seemingly interminable presidential election and now the looming "fiscal cliff." (Wasn't there an Olympics thrown in there, too?) If you're of the mindset that a year like that deserves more than a few decorous sips of Champagne come midnight, then we've trolled our recipe collection to come up with some of our wildest, craziest drinks to send off one wild and crazy year with a bang.

The Days of Wine and Lettuce: Let's Meet for Drinks in Produce

Drinking and shopping don't mix. Alcohol can lead to some truly regrettable actions. Anyone who has ever sipped at, say, a boutique party, and suddenly found herself paying off, say, a credit card loaded with questionable purchases (say, a tiny, animal-print clutch that was just so adorable the fact that it couldn't fit more than a driver's license and a stick of gum was overlooked) can attest to that.

Spiced Dessert Coffee

Betty Crocker

Cinnamon and cloves give your java a jolt! Whipped cream topping almost makes it a dessert.

Total: 15 mins

Indian Summer Cocktail

Midwest Living

Old Blue Eyes Martini

Midwest Living
Total: 10 mins

Seduction Martini

Midwest Living
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