Every day across the country, home cooks hear a chorus of "what's for dinner?" as hungry family members peer into bubbling pots and sizzling pans. Let's face it: We all need easy dinner recipes for quick dinners. There's always excited anticipation behind the question, since now that Americans have embraced cuisines from around the world, dinner can mean anything. Next time you're searching for dinner ideas, don't default to meat and potatoes - these days you're just as likely to see sizzling shrimp fajitas and spicy Thai curry on the dinner table. No matter what's on the plate, dinnertime is a rare opportunity to sit together around the table rewinding the day and enjoying good food. And that's delicious.

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Thanksgiving Dinner is Served...

McCormick has been helping home cooks make more flavorful meals for decades, and Thanksgiving is no different! This recipe collection is practically one-stop shopping for your Thanksgiving feast -- every dish you could possibly want is right here, from turkey to dessert. So don't spend another moment fretting about what to make--one look at these recipes and you'll be making your shopping list!

Nachos for Dinner! -- Dinner for $10

It's the holiday season, which means if you're like us, two things are at a premium: time and money. Don't get us wrong -- part of us really does believe this is the most wonderful time of the year. The other part is trying to figure out how we're going pull together an angel costume by next week (preschool Christmas pageant), what we're going to bring to the holiday block party and whether we can squeeze in an hour of Christmas shopping after dropping off the kids at basketball practice.

Dinner-Party Dazzlers

You're looking for showstopping desserts that take the concept of cake to a new level. This customized list of recipes includes cakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Dinner-Party Dazzlers

You're looking for showstopping desserts that take the concept of cupcake to a new level. This customized list of recipes includes cupcakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Thanksgiving Dinner Game Plan

Having a Thanksgiving-dinner game plan makes the big day a whole lot easier and more fun for everyone. Vow to budget your time, and you'll feel better all around. Here are some suggestions for choosing a balanced menu for this year's Turkey Day and some helpful tips for managing time more wisely.

Kid-Friendly Dinner Ideas

Check out our recipes for kid-friendly dinner ideas!

Dinner-Party Dazzlers

You're looking for showstopping desserts that take the concept of pie to a new level. This customized list of recipes includes pies as beautiful as they are delicious.

Italian Casserole: Dinner for $10

There's nothing particularly earth shattering about this Italian Casserole, mostly because it's made up of the very things that have long been a staple on American dinner tables across the country: pasta with a hearty, chunky tomato-and-meat sauce. It's all delicious; it's all good. But what makes this recipe exceptional is how perfectly it fits into our busy workweek.

Cozy Kids Dinner: Chili Panda

When it's cold outside, people generally turn towards hot comfort food -- and nothing quite comforts like a hot bowl of your favorite chili (a roaring fire in the fireplace, fuzzy slippers and an oversized sweater on a cold winter night helps, too!) Inspired by last year's chili penguin, this adorable panda is the epitome of cozy and cuddly, and it's super simple to make. Perfect for any age!

8 Dinner-Worthy Omelet Recipes

Eggs are ubiquitous at breakfast, but unlike a scramble or a pair of sunny-side-up eggs, an omelet feels equally at home during the dinner hour, paired with a salad and perhaps a glass of wine. Omelets have a lot going for them: they're economical (what better vehicle for leftovers?), they're easy to make, and perhaps most importantly, you most likely have everything you need to make them on hand.

Our Best Easter Dinner Ideas

Check out our best recipes for Easter dinner!

20 Best Super-Easy Dinner Recipes: Dinner in a Flash!

If we lived our lives like TV chefs, making dinner would always be a marathon: slow, steady and with plenty of breaks. Here in the real world, dinnertime at my house (and probably yours, too!) more often resembles a sprint: a mad dash to get something, anything remotely nutritious and tasty on the table before the kids start melting down and the adults lose all steam.

Dinner Made Fast: Turkey Chilaquiles

Dinner can be on the table in minutes with this spicy dish featuring leftover turkey (or chicken), salsa, and chips.

Dinner Tonight: Apple-Glazed Meatballs

A recipe for crispy, sticky-sweet, apple-glazed meatballs. Ideal as an appetizer, dinner, or any fall-inspired celebration.

Cheeseburger Soup: Dinner for $10

Want to work up a little wizardry in the kitchen to wow your kids? Take cheeseburgers, take soup, and with a bit of behind-the-scenes alchemy -- presto! -- you've got Cheeseburger Soup.

How to Make Dinner Rolls

These classic dinner rolls will make a great accompaniment to your next meal.

Easy Everyday Dinner: Herbed Meatballs

This simple beef meatball recipe is easy enough for any weekday but delicious enough for a special occasion, too. Freeze a batch for a fast-fix dinner!

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