Whipped Cream

You may simply think that whipped cream is a commercial product, but with recipes such as Sweetened Whipped Cream, Nutmeg Whipped Cream, and Lavendar Whipped Cream, you can make your own tantalizing topping for desserts.

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    Whipped Cream Articles
    8 Unique Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes
    ...Not much tastes better on a sweltering summer day than a snack or dessert of a bowl of ice cream.... Things only get better when you serve that ice cream between a couple of wafers or cookies. Take your ice... cream sandwich to the next level by skipping the usual vanilla and chocolate supermarket version for one... read more...
    Fresh Fruit and Cream Tarts: A Dessert to Remember
    ...There's a special place in my heart for fruit tarts, like these Fruit and Cream Tarts, especially... them take center stage. Click here for our Fresh Fruit and Cream Tart recipe They key to making pastry.... While the dough was resting, I made the pastry cream. I reduced the sugar in the pastry cream to 1/4 cup... read more...
    Double Chocolate Mint Ice Cream for Dessert
    ...I admit, the first few times that I made ice cream at home, I followed the super simple... recipes in the manual that came with the ice cream maker--no eggs, no cooking, just milk, cream, and sugar. It was easy... cornstarch and cream cheese, in addition to milk and cream, for texture and superior scoopability. I never... read more...
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