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Brandy Sauce

Brandy sauces are commonly seen in conjunction with pies, gingerbreads, puddings, fruit cakes, even meats. Explore its versatility in recipes such as Stuffed Cornish Hens with Apple Brandy Sauce, Peach Dumplings with Brandy Sauce, or Brandy Cream Sauce.

Very Very Berry Cheesecake

Midwest Living

Berry-flavored vodka is the secret ingredient in this rich and creamy dessert.

Hard Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 25 mins

Orange And Brandied Prunes

Family Circle

Serve these brandy-sauced prunes over ice cream, pound cake, or both.

Custardy Bread Pudding

Midwest Living

Bourbon-soaked raisins are layered with bread and topped with an egg and cream mixture to make these sophisticated custard desserts.

Candied Fruit Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Dried apricots and cherries serve as the sweet-tart starter for this saucy treat. Spoon it over pound cake or coffee cake for a luscious dessert.

Gingerbread Pudding with Brandy Cream Sauce

Midwest Living

This recipe is an updated version of Indian pudding, New England's classic cornmeal and molasses dessert. The cream sauce makes it especially elegant for the holidays.

Brandied Peach-Praline Baskets

Better Homes and Gardens

For this attention-grabbing dessert recipe, make the caramelized dessert cups as much as six months before serving. Wrap and freeze them, then thaw and fill with the Brandied Peach Sauce right before serving.

Brownies with Brandied Cherries

Better Homes and Gardens

Simmer brandy, cherries and sugar to create a simple homemade sauce that makes these decadent chocolate brownies look restaurant-worthy.

Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Midwest Living

Why buy chocolate sauce from a can when it's so easy to make from scratch? Mix up this dessert recipe in less than 30 minutes.

Pumpkin Trifle

Midwest Living

Pound cake is layered with cranberry sauce and apricot jam, a spiced pudding mixture, and brandy-spiked whipped cream to create this towering dessert.

Candied Mini Fruitcakes

Family Circle

These holiday cakes sparkle with red and green candied cherries. Brushing the cakes with melted marmalade and brandy keeps them moist.

Cream Cheese Molds with Two Sauces - Steamboat Inn

Family Circle

These elegant cream cheese molds are served well-chilled and topped with a fresh raspberry sauce and sweet brandy sauce.

Black Forest Chocolate Shortcakes

Family Circle

For this take on Black Forest cake, fill chocolate biscuits with black cherry ice cream and drizzle with bottled fudge sauce that's been spiked with cherry brandy.

Pear Caramel with Ice Cream

Midwest Living

Saute the pears in butter and sugar, then stir in a little rum to make this quick dessert.

Total: 15 mins

Brandied Apple Bundt Cake

Family Circle

A brandy syrup, brushed over the spiced apple cake while still warm, seeps into the interior to flavor every crumb of this dessert.

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