Corn Pudding

Corn pudding is not really pudding in the traditional sense. In fact, it often goes by the name baked corn, which is a more accurate moniker. Corn pudding is a classic Southern comfort food. A few recipes for you to try include the standard Corn Pudding as well as Apricot Corn Pudding, Curried Corn Pudding, and Southwestern Chicken Corn Pudding.

See Popular Corn Pudding Recipes

Swiss Corn Bake Cups

Better Homes and Gardens

These mini corn and cheese casseroles make a great side dish for dinner parties.

Cuckoo for Corn: Fresh Talk

Getting corn stuck in your teeth is a small price to pay for the seasonal pleasure of zipping through butter-slathered, salt-sprinkled ears row by delicious row. Just tuck some dental floss in your pocket, and you'll be good to go. Just as August means bushels of corn, there's a veritable bounty of ways to enjoy this sweet summer staple, everything from Jalapeno Corn Chowder and a rich and cheesy Corn Pudding to Grilled Steak with Fresh Corn Salad and this unusual Roasted Sweet Corn with Coconut.

Easy Frankenstein Pudding Cups: No Trick Treats!

We're gearing up for our annual Halloween party with the kids, and we came across these crazy fun, crazy easy Frankenstein Pudding Cups featured over at Lillian McKay Designs. They're exactly what we were looking for. You see, it's no secret that we love making things like cookies and cupcakes for whatever holiday (like these Easy Candy Corn Cupcakes we shared last week -- another "no trick treat" because the recipe is simple and straightforward).

Crazy for Caramel Corn! 5 Sticky-Sweet Seductive Recipes

An Open Letter to the Creator of Caramel Corn: Thank you. We don't know what inspired this delicious combination, but we're glad it happened. There's no question that coating crunchy, buttery popcorn in sweet, smoky, syrupy caramel is truly one of life's most wonderful snacky pleasures.

Farmers Market Spotlight: Tomatoes & Corn at the Acton-Boxborough Market

The Acton-Boxborough Farmer's Market has been serving up fresh produce to its local communities in the Boston suburbs since 2009. The market runs seasonally through October 12, and as the weather begins to cool off in preparation for early fall, the late summer veggies are coming in ripe off the vine. Last week, we called up Rosie DeQuattro at the farmer's market and asked her what the best picks will be in the closing weeks of the summer season.

Thanksgiving Recipes with a Twist

Yes, the turkey might get most of the attention, but let's get real--it's actually the amazing array of other Thanksgiving recipes at the table that make it a feast worth raving about. Can you imagine a plate without mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, or cranberry sauce? Even the most impressive turkey can't hold down the fort alone.

8 Thanksgiving Side Dishes Every Table Needs

Just as every Hollywood superstar needs a supporting cast to really shine, turkey needs side dishes for the Thanksgiving meal to be complete. Some might argue that Thanksgiving isn't even Thanksgiving without the sides! We've got eight Thanksgiving side-dish recipes that every holiday table must have--tried-and-true traditional recipes that aim to please.

Quick Pantry Meals: Post-Holiday Edition

Here's my resolution: No more cooking in the new year! At this point I've been making fancy food for what feels like weeks. I can't look at another rich, festive meal, much less prepare it.

Forbidden Rice: Cook Once Eat Twice

I'm taking my family on a voyage of discovery this week, with the help of a "forbidden" treasure. Instead of plain old white rice, I'm cooking up black rice, also known as "forbidden rice." This delicious heirloom rice variety harvested in China and Italy has a dramatically dark appearance (it actually has a deep-purple hue when it's cooked) and a deeply nutty flavor.

10 Cool Halloween Cupcakes

While candy is the prized commodity on Halloween, let's not underestimate the power of a Halloween cupcake. And we're not talking about your average red velvets (though those could work, if you called them "bloody" something or other) - we're talking about cupcakes that are as dressed up for the holiday as the local treat-or-treaters. Witch's heads, graveyards, spiders, vampires and more will turn your kitchen into a veritable haunted house.

Not Hosting a Crowd? Recipes for a Smaller, Cozier Thanksgiving

My family's never had one of those Norman Rockwell Thanksgivings where a thousand people pack themselves around the table to leer at a doghouse-sized turkey. We all live hundreds of miles from each other. So it's usually been just me and my husband and the two kids.

15 Amazing Avocado Recipes

To celebrate the year's hottest health food, here are 15 avocado recipes to add to your menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

12 Mexican-Inspired Recipes to Spice Up Cinco de Mayo

Your fiesta will feel extra festive when you serve up these Mexican recipes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

How to Make Bread Pudding

When you want a dessert that's both homey and delicious, learn how to make bread pudding. Serve it warm, topped with ice cream or whipped cream, and you've got a treat that the family will rave about.

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