Corn Pudding

Corn pudding is not really pudding in the traditional sense. In fact, it often goes by the name baked corn, which is a more accurate moniker. Corn pudding is a classic Southern comfort food. A few recipes for you to try include the standard Corn Pudding as well as Apricot Corn Pudding, Curried Corn Pudding, and Southwestern Chicken Corn Pudding.

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    Last-Minute Shopping? Why Not This $38,500 Christmas Pudding!?
    ... snag a $38,500 ... Christmas pudding!? Ok, we have to admit: for all our culinary adventurousness, we... really weren't sure what a proper English Christmas pudding even is, let alone how you could make one... that costs more than most cars. (As to who would actually spend upwards of almost $40K on Christmas pudding... read more...
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