Pie Crust Pie

Piecrusts are amazingly quite varied from traditional butter and shortening crusts to graham cracker, chocolate, and several other types. We offer recipes that will be just right for the pie you're making.

How to Make Apple Pie Filling

Discovering how to make apple pie filling is one of those things that practically defines being an American...well, an American home cook, anyway! Making pie crust is a close second.

Sweet Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

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Rhubarb and strawberries are a timeless favorite. Serve this scrumptious dessert warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Glazed Strawberry Pie

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Apple Pastry Squares

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Pot Pie Pastry

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Easy Apple Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

Start with a crust that you can pat in the pan and pile on the apple slices. Apple pie couldn't be easier.

How to Make Cherry Pie

Apple pie may be the number one all-American dessert, but why not find out how to make cherry pie--it's close second, if not a head-to-head tie!

Spinach & Swiss Quiche

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A refrigerated piecrust makes this spinach and Swiss cheese quiche recipe a quick and easy choice for dinner.

Deep-Dish Pastry Shell

Better Homes and Gardens

A springform pan is the secret to this seriously deep crust. Stuff it with your favorite fruit filling.

Triple Fruit Pie

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Buy a pre-made pie shell to make this dessert come together even faster.

Mocha Napoleons

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The bakery makes a homemade chocolate puff pastry- we have made the recipe easier using a chocolate pastry.

How to Make Chocolate Pie

Knowing how to make chocolate pie from scratch is a dying art. Not many of us have the time and patience to cook custard to just the right consistency and painstakingly roll out pie crusts. This quick version of chocolate pie can be whipped up in the morning for the perfect dessert by dinnertime: Pudding mix and melted chocolate chips keep the process fast but maintain the deep, rich flavor of the traditional chocolate custard.

Whole Wheat Pastry

Better Homes and Gardens

Use this hearty pastry for a main dish as well as for fruit pies.

Total: 10 mins

Cheddar-Apple Bundles

Better Homes and Gardens

These mouthwatering golden pastry bundles are filled with a warm and gooey mixture of apples, cheddar cheese, and sweetened pecans. Apricot preserves top this dessert recipe.

Chicken Mole Empanadas

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These Mexican pastries are stuffed with a filling inspired by another Mexican favorite, chicken and mole sauce. Assemble the savory turnovers and freeze before baking. Bake half of them now and freeze the rest for a make-ahead meal later.

Apricot-Custard Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

How to Make Sweet Potato Pie

If you want to know how to make sweet-potato pie as silky smooth and buttery rich as what comes out of a Southern cook's kitchen, this is the recipe for you. Evaporated milk gives it a velvety texture, and a hint of lemon and dash of nutmeg keep the pie from becoming cloyingly sweet.

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