Key Lime Pie

Traditionally made with the juice of key limes, this delectable pie is the state pie of Florida, where it originated in the Florida Keys. Try a classic version or add pizzazz with a recipe such as Fudge Surprise Key Lime Pie.

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Creamy Key Lime Pie

Betty Crocker

A refreshing Key lime pie gets the benefit of high fiber when the crust is made with Fiber One® original bran cereal. It's delicious!

Total: 3 hrs 30 mins

Key Lime Tart

Better Homes and Gardens

Key limes are golf-ball size citrus fruits with thin skins and plenty of juice. They add the telltale zing to this easy tart recipe.

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

The Food Channel

This recipe combines two all-time favorites--key lime pie and ice cream--into one amazing tropical dessert creation. Lightly sweet, cool and tart, it's a wonderful dessert to savor on a warm summer night. Enjoy. It's National Ice Cream Month!

Total: 40 mins

Key Lime Coconut Cake with Meringue Frosting

Midwest Living

Break out your double boiler to make this super-simple meringue, then spread generously on top of this zesty key lime cake. Garnish with coconut chips and lime slices.

Key Lime Tartlets

Better Homes and Gardens

Macadamia nuts and coconut flakes make a crust for the creamy citrus filling in these tropical dessert tarts.

Lime Coconut Chess Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

The coconut sprinkled on the bottom of the pie crust in this creamy dessert recipe rises during baking to form a golden-brown crust on top.

Whipped Key Lime Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

Make-Ahead Dessert: Key Lime Tart with Coconut Whipped Cream

Summer is about simple make-ahead desserts that are refreshing and tasty-such as this Key Lime Tart with Coconut Whipped Cream.

Key Lime Pie

Ready Crust
Total: 5 hrs 10 mins

Easy Key Lime Pie

Family Circle

This pie recipe tastes more like cheesecake than a traditional Key lime pie. The filling is made with cream cheese and whipped topping, but has plenty of tart lime to satisfy devotees of the Florida specialty.

10 Wackiest Things to Eat at America's State Fairs

Pass the Chicken-Fried Bacon and the Pizza Cones. And maybe we'd better have a Fried Coca-Cola to wash them down with, followed by, for dessert, a Hot Beef Sundae or perhaps a little Key Lime Pie on a Stick. State fair food has always been crazy, but the website Delish has found the absolute craziest of the crazy items. (Watch 10 Most Unusual State Fair Foods.)

Double the Lime Love

Isn't it about time limes found their way to the culinary lime-light? Absolutely, says one of the country's great fruit experts. David Karp (also known as the Fruit Detective) reports in the Los Angeles Times that our taste for the citrus fruit is going way beyond cocktail garnishes, noting that in the last decade per capita "consumption of limes more than doubled, from 1.55 to 3.61 pounds, according to Department of Agriculture statistics."

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