French Silk Pie

The basic concept of a French silk pie is that it is essentially a chocolate mousse set up in a pie crust. That translates into deliciousness! Recipes such as Caramel-Pecan French Silk Pie, Today's French Silk Pie, and Tiny French Silk Pies with White Chocolate Whipped Cream will make you forever a fan of this delicious dessert.

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Tiny French Silk Pies with White Chocolate Whipped Cream

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These sweet treats let you indulge in just a bite of French silk pie--just enough to satisfy your chocolate craving.

Today's French Silk Pie

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Substituting refrigerated or frozen egg product does not change the classic silky richness of this luscious pie.

Caramel-Pecan French Silk Pie

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Make this rich chocolate pie ahead so it has plenty of time to chill before guests arrive.

Raspberry French Silk Pie Bars

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French Silk Pie


Bittersweet chocolate and Dutch-process cocoa meld with a shot of fresh brewed coffee to give an ultra-rich flavor to this creamy French silk pie. A frothy meringue is the secret to lightening the brown sugar-sweetened filling.

Total: 4 hrs 15 mins

Thanksgiving Desserts: Perfect Pies

Pie should really get its own annual marketing campaign: "The Official Dessert of Thanksgiving." No one would contest it; after all, it's exceedingly rare to see a Thanksgiving table that doesn't contain at least one variety of pie. Pumpkin, apple, chocolate silk, pecan ... There's no denying that Americans are wild for our favorite flavors baked up in a buttery pastry crust.

Spinach and Swiss Quiche: Dinner for $10

We love quiche. Not only do we love the timeless pairing of golden flaky pie crust with savory egg filling, we love that the French came up with a monosyllabic name that's better than "egg pie." Quiche.

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Cocoa Tassies with Peppermint Frosting

"Tassies" are, essentially, tiny pies -- derived from the French word tasse, or "cup," they are literally a cupful of deliciousness, the size of a small cookie. Cutest thing in the world. Of course, this is a multi-step process: first, you have to make 36 teeny pie crusts in mini-muffin tins, then pipe the filling -- in this case, a peppermint-spiced marshmallow creme (easy enough to make while the pie crusts are chilling or baking).

Pumpkin Pie Filling: Buy It vs. Make It

I remember my first pumpkin pie. I was at the supermarket near my newly minted first apartment, reveling in the amazing feeling of filling my very own actual shopping cart with whatever I thought necessary (generally this was Tab, smoked Gouda, and a French bread, which would last me most of a week) when I noticed cans of pumpkin pie filling stacked in a pyramid, next to the graham cracker crusts. "Oh my god," I breathed. "

How to Make Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is beloved nationwide, but it's especially revered in the South, where it seems that pecans fall from the trees like little gifts from the heavens. Native Americans had long known the pleasures of the nut they named "pacane" (translation: "nut to be cracked with a rock"), but it was French immigrants who turned the nuts into one of America's most loved pies after they settled in New Orleans and discovered the joys of having so many pecan trees in their yard. We say, merci beaucoup!

One-Pot Fondue: 30-Minute Meal

Hot enough for you? Wouldn't it be nice on these blazing summer nights if you could simply whip up a fresh, homemade pizza--a quick, easy pie that didn't involve a lot of oven time? Can't do that, but you could make a classic Swiss fondue -- in just half an hour -- with lots of rich and gooey melted cheese, slices of crusty French bread, hard salami, and a bunch of pickles on the side.

Beat the Heat with No-Bake Desserts

When the temperature starts to soar, the last thing you need is a hot oven to make things worse. But, hey, the family's gotta have dessert, right? (And maybe the guests, too.)

Pies for Pi Day: Doing the Math in the Kitchen

What possible significance can National Pi Day (March 14; 3.14), have for those of us who are not either math whizzes or math-geek-wannabes? Well, if you're a lover of the other kind of pie, the one with the flaky crust and the fruity or creamy sweet filling, we've got news for you. It's relative!

Should Flamin' Hot Cheetos Be Banned from Schools?

Chester Cheetah is gonna be totally cheesed off. Schools can ban peanut butter. They can say no to soda.

25 Tasty Reasons to Eat Your Way All the Way Through Fall

Well, the first week of autumn is down, and while around here it's still been a little warm, just the other day we woke up in the morning to that "I think I need a jacket" chill for the first time since, oh, the beginning of April. And that invariably got us thinking about our favorite fall recipes. Of course, we love to eat no matter what time of year (this is a cooking blog, after all).

17 Peach Recipes You'll Use All August

Nothing says August like fresh, juicy peaches. From cobblers to meat glazes to jam, we've got you covered with 17 tasty peach recipes.

Real Quiche for Real Life

Quiche takes eggs way beyond the breakfast or brunch table (although we can't think of a more fitting morning dish). The basic palette of fresh eggs and flaky crust invites ingredients from cheese and ham (in a classic quiche Lorraine) to garden vegetables to hot and spicy Mexican salsas and sausages to create an elegant (and oh so easy) entree for lunch, dinner, or a midday nosh. Back in the day, it was said (with tongue in cheek) that "real men don't eat quiche."

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