Swedish Cookies

You only think of meatballs when you think of Swedish cuisine? Recipes for Swedish tea cookies or jam cookies will offer a taste of the sweet side of Sweden.

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Better Homes and Gardens

Christmas in Sweden might not arrive if these spiced cookies -- in shapes of gingerbread folk, hearts, and the beloved Christmas pig -- weren't on the scene. To follow the Swedish tradition, roll the cookie dough thinly.

Nutmeg Rosettes

Better Homes and Gardens

Nutmeg is the flavorful ingredient in these lacy fried cookies, a coffee time go-along for Swedish and Norwegian immigrants. Dusted with powdered sugar, these treats are also popular as Christmas cookies.

Chocolate = Healthy; Cocoa Powder = Healthy & Low Cal

The good news on chocolate continues to pile up. We've known for a while now that regular chocolate consumption is not only good for your heart but can improve your mood as well. Earlier this year, studies found that chocolate eaters tend to be a bit thinner.

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