Spanish Cookies

Looking for a new delicious galleta recipe? (That's cookie in Spanish.) Enjoy some cookies with the flavor of Spain with these recipes.

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Polvorones Sevillanos

Better Homes and Gardens

A lemon glaze and a sprinkling of toasted coconut tops these citrus-infused cookies.

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Alfajores

Whether you refer to December 25 as Christmas or "Navidad," alfajores are a welcome addition to the holiday. These sweet sandwich cookies are a staple of Christmastime in many Spanish-speaking countries in South America, as well as Spain itself. In fact, the name alfajores is a Spanish translation of the Arabic word for "luxury," and the cookies were first introduced to Medieval Spain by the Moors.

25 Days of Christmas Cookie: Biscochitos

Anise cookies at Christmastime are nothing new, but this particular form of them might be if you aren't a native of New Mexico. For various reasons having to do with a confluence of cultural influences -- Spanish settlers, indigenous natives, with a sprinkling of Latino immigrants mixed in -- these delicately flavored cookies have become a beloved local treat. So much so, in fact, that in 1989, New Mexico became the first state to give itself a State Cookie, precisely to help preserve the tradition of baking these all-purpose shortbread confections.

Pumpkin-Perfect Desserts -- Pure Halloween Fun!

When I was in preschool, we learned a little ditty that went: Pumpkin, pumpkin, round and fat,Turn into a jack-o-lantern just like that. It would never have occurred to me back then that you could eat an actual pumpkin, much less track down so many delicious pumpkin desserts that you risked becoming round and fat yourself. Now that I'm older, wiser, and rounder, I love pumpkin desserts.

Hate New Year's Resolutions? Here Are Some Sweet Ones to Love

We love the holiday season; it's when it comes to New Year's resolutions that we generally say, "Bah-humbug!" It's not like we disapprove of self-improvement, it's just ... why do most New Year's resolutions have to seem so, well, joyless?

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