Cookie in a Jar

Want to give a great gift? Consider cookies. Make these cookie mixes to put in jars and then add the recipe for how to prepare them. It makes a great gift for any occasion.

See Popular Cookie in a Jar Recipes

Toffee-Pecan Cookie Mix

Better Homes and Gardens

These cookie mix jars make for great hostess gifts around the holidays. Layer the ingredients in a glass jar and attach baking directions with a festive red bow.

Total: 15 mins

Brownies In A Jar

Better Homes and Gardens

Aren't you sweet? Share this mix for those on your Christmas list who welcome making a batch of brownies, but later, please! Be sure to include the recipe and baking instructions.

Easy Food Gifts in a Jar: Holiday Oatmeal

This oatmeal-in-a-jar food gift makes for a lovely offering. Plus, it's hearty, healthy, and just the thing to get a winter morning off on the right start

Cranberry Drops

Better Homes and Gardens

Give the gift of cookie mixes. Dried cranberries add brilliant color to these simple drop cookies.

Brownie in a Jar

Ladies' Home Journal

This holiday gift is sure to score major brownie points! Just decorate the filled jar with the mix, fold up the recipe, and attach it to the lid.

Lemon-Pecan Shortbread Cookies

Better Homes and Gardens

Five ingredients is all it takes to make crumbly, rich shortbread cookies! To "finely chop" nuts, chop them until they are about the size of grains of rice.

Ranger Cookies

Better Homes and Gardens

Kids can help make this long-time favorite cookie, which is a terrific gift for a special teacher.

What is a MacaronCounter Intelligence

Macarons are shiny, domed French cookies made with ground almond, powdered sugar, and egg whites, sandwiched around a creamy filling (often buttercream). They come in a rainbow of colors and flavors.

How to Make Peanut Butter Cookies

These delicious peanut butter cookies are easy to make and perfect for holidays. For a holiday twist they can easily be cut them into shapes for Christmas.

How to Make Split Pea Soup

There is nothing better on a chilly day than a bowl of homemade soup. This split pea soup is delicious and freezes well so you are fine to add it to your make ahead recipes.

How to Make Aunt Hilda's Sugar Dream Cookies

There are sugar cookies, and then there are Aunt Hilda's sugar dream cookies. Learn how to make these sugar cookies with a little sparkle on top.

How to Make Chocolate Chip cookies

Learn how to make the most classic cookie of all: the chocolate chip cookie. This delicious recipe is a staple and is one you will keep coming back to.

How to Make Quick Skillet Ziti

If you are in need of a quick weeday meal this quick skillet ziti is the dish for you. This ground beef and pasta are an easy combination for any night of the week.

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Peanut Butter Rudolph Reindeer

"Rudolph the PB reindeer,Had a shiny M&M nose ..." With apologies to the original lyrics (not to mention Santa's favorite reindeer), once we saw these adorable, Peanut Butter Rudolph Reindeer Cookies, we just had to rewrite the Christmas tune in their honor. Not only are these little treats a festive nod to holiday entertaining, but they're also a cinch to make.

How to Make Creamy Spinach Dip

Learn how to make creamy spinach dip, and you have a beloved appetizer at your fingertips. This dip is a huge hit around the holidays, but it's perfect for any kind of gathering, from casual potlucks to elegant dinner parties.

How to Make Queso Fundido Diablito

Your guests at your next party will flock to this appetizer. Queso fundido diablito is 12 ounces of salsa, Jack and cheddar cheeses, green chilis and olives packed into a delicious dip.

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