Cherry Cobbler

Just as cherry pie is a classic dessert, cherries make a great cobbler, too. Recipes such as Corn Bread Cherry Cobbler, Cherry and Raspberry Cobbler, or Cherry Cobbler with Corn Bread Biscuits will make a cherry cobbler lover out of you.

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Cherry Cobbler

Better Homes and Gardens

Dollops of sweet biscuit dough turn golden brown as this fruit dessert bakes. For variety, replace the cherries with blueberries, peaches, or apples.

Chocolate Chip-Cherry Cobbler

Betty Crocker

Plus up already delicious cherry cobbler with chocolate chips and an extra drizzle of chocolate.

Total: 50 mins

Cherry Cobbler

Atkins - Phase 2

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Total: 1 hr 10 mins

Polenta-Topped Cherry Cobbler

Better Homes and Gardens

Cherry and Raspberry Cobbler

Better Homes and Gardens

Have a summer treat year-round. This classic dessert uses frozen cherries and raspberries so there's no need to wait until it's hot out to enjoy it.

Polenta-Cherry Cobbler

Better Homes and Gardens

A pecan mixture gives this luscious, cherry-filled dessert recipe an added crunch. The polenta topping mixes together quickly for a delicious crust.

Cherry-Nut Cobbler

Midwest Living

Since this slow cooker recipe calls for canned and frozen fruit, you can mix up this cozy dessert any time of year. Don't be intimidated by the dumpling topping it starts with packaged muffin mix, so it's quick and easy.

Cherry Cobbler with Corn Bread Topping

Better Homes and Gardens

This hot dessert features popular tastes of the South--pecans, corn bread, and fresh fruit.

Cheery Cherry-Peach Cobbler

Better Homes and Gardens

A biscuit-like topping covers sweet peaches and tart red cherries in this low calorie, low fat dessert.

Sparkling Three-Fruit Cobbler

Midwest Living

Canned peaches, cherry pie filling, and fresh apples make the filling for this dessert casserole. It's topped with cornmeal biscuits.

Total: 1 hr 35 mins

Sour Cherry-Fruit Slump


A slump (sometimes called a grunt) is a cobbler with light, puffy steamed dumplings, rather than browned biscuit dough, on the top. This variation calls for tart "pie" cherries as well as an assortment of sweeter summer fruit (berries and plums) to round out the flavor and brighten the sour-cherry color. Recipe by Nancy Baggett.

Total: 1 hr
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