Chocolate Desserts

For some people dessert without chocolate just isn't dessert. Chocolate lovers take solace that we have hundreds of recipes starring your favorite ingredient.

Vegan Chocolate-Blueberry Parfait

Midwest Living

Notes from Sarah: This is one of our signature vegan desserts, non traditional. Why should vegans not have a bit of decadence in their diet? We try to have menu offerings for all kinds of diets. This is a nice early summer (late May and early June) dessert. Any kind of berry or mixture of berry will do. Just buy what is in season! Vegans and non Vegans love it.

Decadent Raspberry Brownie Tassies

Better Homes and Gardens

These exquisite mini tarts boast four kinds of chocolate and are impossible to resist. Bake them ahead and store them in the freezer, if desired.

Chocolate Espresso Walnut Tiles

Midwest Living

These dark chocolate brownie bars are topped with a cream cheese frosting and a chocolate glaze.

Indulgent Caramel Apples

Midwest Living

White Chocolate Brownies

Midwest Living

Here is a new spin on a brownie recipe that combines white chocolate and chopped macadamia nuts.

Mini Pain au Chocolat

Family Circle

Flaky puff pastry hides a filling of dark chocolate and fruit jam.

Chocolate-Walnut Turnovers

Family Circle

Bite into these mini turnovers for a creamy chocolate-walnut surprise. Serve this delectable dessert during the holidays or any time you crave a yummy chocolate treat.

Chocolate Ravioli

Diabetic Living
Total: 30 mins

Orange Popcorn Gorp

Midwest Living
Total: 20 mins

Graham Cracker Barn and Silo

Better Homes and Gardens

This edible barn and silo recipe is the perfect kid's activity for a rainy day. Just make sure you have graham crackers, pretzels, vanilla frosting, and wheat crackers on hand.

Double-Chocolate Brownies

Family Circle

Add an ice-cold glass of milk served with this chocolate treat is one of the most delectable combinations in dessert history. It's so easy to make--keep this kid-favorite recipe handy.

Mocha-Filled Cream Horns

Better Homes and Gardens

These sugared puff pastry tubes are filled with a chocolate-coffee cream filling. Serve to invite lingering and conversation over dessert.

Chocolate-Nut Phyllo Cups

Better Homes and Gardens

For this special dessert recipe, layer honeyed nuts and chocolate beneath and in the cups of paper-thin Greek pastry.

Chocolate Desserts  Recipes: Take your pick!
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