Orange Candy

If you enjoy the taste of oranges in an even sweeter recipe, you can enjoy candy with a touch of orange in one of these great recipes.

See Popular Orange Candy Recipes

Almond Orange Pithivier

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry

The name is impressive, and so is the taste in this elegant dessert featuring circles of puff pastry surrounding an almond-orange filling. But what's even more impressive is that the recipe is so easy to follow.

Total: 1 hr 40 mins

Candied Orange Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

The low fat cake is topped with candied oranges and a light orange glaze instead of frosting.

Gumdrop Pumpkins

Better Homes and Gardens

Provide orange and green gumdrops for kids to decorate shape these sugar-coated pumpkins.

Total: 5 mins

Lollipop Cake Topper

Better Homes and Gardens

Orange Gumdrops

Better Homes and Gardens

Why buy gumdrops when you can make them at home and enjoy the experience of candy making? You may never buy gumdrops again.

Orange and Nut Toffee

Better Homes and Gardens

Cranberry-Orange Caramel Corn

Better Homes and Gardens

Great Pumpkin! Candy Corn Oreos Hit Target Stores Today

When we first heard these three delicious words strung together -- Candy Corn Oreos -- we couldn't help but think "trick ... or treat?" Well, Halloween fans, get ready for the latest food fad -- so good, it's scary.

Halloween Party Recipes -- For Grown-Ups Only!

Until recently, Halloween was a children's holiday. If you were a grownup, your options were severely limited. You could either pass out candy to trick-or-treaters or walk slowly behind your own trick-or-treaters as they proceeded down the block. If you chose the second option, you'd try not to be too conspicuous. After all, this was a CHILDREN'S holiday, and your children wanted to feel independent. Also, they were still mad at you for making them wear coats over their costumes -- "Honey, it's forty degrees out! -- so it was best to keep out of the way. Eitherread more

Halloween Candy as Decadent Desserts: Snickers, Kit Kat & More!

We'll admit, come Halloween, we've been known to sneak one or two pieces of our favorite candy from our kids' trick-or-treat bags. Ok, more like one or two handfuls. (Hey, it's not like we didn't shell out for those darn costumes -- we think we deserve some return on our investment.)

Halloween Party Treats -- Adults Only!

Why waste all those sophisticated Halloween party treats on the kids? A definite downside of adulthood is that trick-or-treating is no longer acceptable. Despite that, we grownups have found plenty of other ways to celebrate Halloween, including costume parties loaded with delicious Halloween snacks and festive Halloween drinks.

No-Bake Halloween Treats: Can You Spot What's Store-Bought?

When it comes to Halloween treats, there's got to be a happy medium, right? Somewhere between the elaborate, multi-tiered jack-o-lantern cake that we just saw in the checkout lane on one of those fancy cooking magazine and just tossing a bunch of Oreos on a plastic orange plate and calling it a party. In our fantasy life (the same one where we not only have time to decorate two dozen Halloween cupcakes that we made from scratch, we also have the cash for once-weekly massages), we'd love to spend an entire day in the kitchen whipping up some spooky seasonal delight until we're covered in flour like a Halloween ghost.

Halloween Trivia Challenge: Trick or Treat!

The big day has finally arrived! The Great Pumpkin has landed! (Or at least we saw something orange whizzing by.)

20 Spook-tacular Halloween Treats: So Easy They're Scary

Let's face it: after assembling costumes, hanging your spookiest decorations, carving jack-o'-lanterns and getting super-sized bags of candy for the big night, who has time to spend concocting other Halloween treats? You do, thanks to these 20 tasty, festive and oh-so-easy recipes! Each of these goodies takes 30 minutes or less to prepare -- which leaves plenty of time for the fun part: decorating! From cute and spooky graveyard cupcakes to Halloween classics such as caramel apples, there's a treat here to satisfy all your holiday cravings! Whether you're throwing a Halloween bash, or your kids tell youread more

Easy Edible Ornaments for Festive Holiday Decorating

Creating Christmas cookies and other seasonal desserts that serve double-duty as decorations is the ultimate step forward in creating sustainable holidays. Not to mention hours of fun with the family making things you can hang on the tree and later devour. They're nothing new -- but popcorn and cranberry garlands, while technically non-toxic, are a little too gross-stale-choking-hazard for our taste. Nope, call us crazy, but we prefer our festive decor with a little more flavor and a little less peril. Just make sure you impress upon dogs and toddlers that not every ornament is edible, and not everythingread more

Christmas Cookies: Delight by the Dozens

It's just not Christmas without a tray of holiday cookies. This time of year, everyone's got a favorite, whether it's a classic sugar cookie or playful gingerbread men. And nothing makes for great childhood memories like those December afternoons spent in the kitchen, surreptitiously sneaking a taste of sugary glaze and surrounded by the warm sweet smells coming from the oven.

11 Gross-Out Halloween Recipes For Kids (Or Weirdos)

"Gross" can have many different meanings. For me, it's anything involving tongue. But considering the season, we've had a great time this week collecting ghoulish, scary, creepy, and just plain deeee-sgusting kids' treats suitable for Halloween parties, October play-dates, or the odd I'm-a-fun-parent moment.

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