Caramel Candy

Chewy and gooey, caramel is a delicious candy treat that can be used for dessert or just as quick bite of sweetness. Our recipe for Candy-Box Caramels gives you options for finishing touches for the candy.

Caramel Corn

Better Homes and Gardens

Stir in some peanuts to make this oven caramel corn snack even more delicious!

Cashew Caramel Bark


Enjoy or gift this easy salted caramel bark with cashews. Sprinkle on the salt when the chocolate is almost set to make sure the salt doesn't liquefy.

Chocolate-Caramel Bars

Better Homes and Gardens

If you love coconut, try this easy chocolate and coconut dessert recipe everyone will love.

Chocolate-Caramel Cupcake Cookies

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With chewy caramel candies baked into rich chocolaty batter, these dense, cookie-textured cupcakes provide beautiful bites of chewy, sticky goodness. Purchase seasonal cupcake papers to make these easy cupcakes for any holiday celebration.

Caramel Apple Cookies

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No one outgrows a love of gooey caramel apples. Bake the same apple flavor into chewy cookies and top with finger-licking-good caramel icing.

Hot Caramel Chocolate

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Have your dessert in a mug. This homemade hot cocoa is swirled with chocolate-caramel candy and crowned with whipped cream and additional chopped candies.

Caramel Pecan Skillet Brownie

Midwest Living

Grab a spoon! You'll need it to enjoy every last chocolatey bite of this decadent caramel brownie (and the ice cream that's almost mandatory to serve with it).

Cinnamon-Spiced Almond Caramel Apples

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Gooey Chocolate-Caramel Fantasy

Midwest Living

This luscious dessert has a chocolate crumb crust and caramel-pecan filling crowned with melted chocolate. It's like a candy bar on a plate.

Peanut-Caramel Candy Bars

Better Homes and Gardens

Kids will be impressed with this homemade dipped-candy bar recipe, and the tasty results. Deep, rich chocolate and creamy coconut centers are memorable sweet treats. Make the candy up to 1 week ahead of serving.

Caramel Corn Cookies

Better Homes and Gardens

Chocolate Chip Turtles

Better Homes and Gardens

Give chocolate chip cookies a turtle twist by pressing in pecans and drizzling on a caramel topping.

Candy-Box Caramels

Better Homes and Gardens

These Christmas candies can be made quickly in the microwave. For gift giving and added variety, roll caramels in festive nonpareils or nuts after you dip them in melted candy coating.

Praline-Taffy-Apple Pie

Midwest Living

Creamy caramels and crunchy pecans embellish tart cooking apples to make this delicious dessert even better than the original.

Choco-Caramel Cookies

Family Circle

These scrumptious treats may look like a familiar Christmas cookie, but a butterscotch-flavored dough and the caramel-filled candies offer a sweet twist.

No-Bake Caramel-Popcorn Drops

Better Homes and Gardens

Covered with caramel candy coating, these no-bake popcorn drops are the ideal sweet and salty treat. Pretzels add a welcomed crunch.

Total: 30 mins

Nut Caramels

Better Homes and Gardens

Sweetened condensed milk makes these caramels less temperamental than those made with whipping cream. They still possess all the chewy, buttery goodness of classic caramels.

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