Rum Cake

If you like a particularly moist cake, a rum cake might be right for you. Rum cakes generally freeze well, too, so make a couple and have a rich, delcious cake for later.

See Popular Rum Cake Recipes

Spiced Rum Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

Spice up a store-bought cake mix with rum and pumpkin flavor for an easy fall dessert.

Rum and Eggnog Cakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Toasting the holidays isn't the only way to enjoy eggnog. Use eggnog in these easy and elegant mini cakes. Because they keep well, you can serve some now and freeze the rest to serve drop-in guests.

Rum Babas

Better Homes and Gardens

These sweet, lightly glazed yeast cake desserts are a glowing finale to serve for fancy dinner parties. Babas can be made in specially designed molds,muffin cups, or popover pans.

Tropical Fruit Cakes

Better Homes and Gardens

These tender rum-soaked cakes brim with tropical fruit and macadamia nuts.

Peach Cordial Mini Bundt Cakes

Midwest Living

A childhood orchard trip inspired Melinda Murphy of Olathe, Kansas, to create this recipe, a finalist in our Best of the Midwest® Recipe Contest. The cakes are moist, sweet and generously proportioned, so you may want to serve a half cake to each person (or bake them in muffin cups instead).

Rum Baby Cakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Pineapple sits on top of a rum-spiked brown sugar base and is topped with a sweet coconut batter for these mini desserts.

Banana Cheesecake

Better Homes and Gardens

This tropical dessert has a layer of rum and cream cheese and is topped with coconut.

Chocolate-Rum Petits Fours

Better Homes and Gardens

A Christmas Cake Turns 100 (Fruitcake, Eat Your Heart Out)

Just when you were about to make another joke at the expense of Aunt Edna's annual fruitcake, may be we present to you--Little Drummer Boy, a drum roll, please--America's oldest Christmas cake! The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports a holiday spice cake dating back 100 years has held up rather nicely. Where did the seven-inch, double-layer confection featuring decorative mints and now-petrified nuts come from?

Top Ten Christmas Cakes

While Christmas cookies are always welcome, there's something special about presenting a beautiful Christmas cake at the parties and dinners that abound this time of year. Whether it's simple or over the top, cake is a lovely centerpiece for any holiday table, a sweet suggestion of the dessert course to come. Whether you opt for a pristine white butter cake or a cheerful red velvet number, your guests will appreciate the extra effort that goes into baking and icing a cake.

Thanksgiving (hic) Desserts -- You Can't Lose with Booze

Thanksgiving desserts are not just about pumpkin pie, although it's nice, too. There are plenty of other sweet things you can make, many of them with bourbon, rum, brandy -- even Kahlua. Are we suggesting a booze-infused way to top off your holiday meal?

Fall Baking: 8 Bundt Cakes for Autumn

Fall is in full swing and so is baking season, so bust out those bundt pans and get busy making these beautiful cakes.

Valentine's Day Desserts That Say Here's My Heart

When it comes to Valentine's Day, there's no room for subtlety. Love is something to declare! The entire holiday is awash in hearts, candy, and flowers--all in bright pink and red hues.

The Best Cheesecake for Easter and Any Other Night of the Week

Ten great cheesecake recipes for Easter, a special party, or any day that deserves to end on a sweet note.

Vintage Fruitcake Sells for $525! That's Nuts!

What do you call a man who spent $525 on a 70-year-old fruitcake? Nuts. But that's just what a guy from Arizona ponied up at an online auction benefiting the homeless in Ohio, the Associated Press reports.

Halloween Party Treats -- Adults Only!

Why waste all those sophisticated Halloween party treats on the kids? A definite downside of adulthood is that trick-or-treating is no longer acceptable. Despite that, we grownups have found plenty of other ways to celebrate Halloween, including costume parties loaded with delicious Halloween snacks and festive Halloween drinks.

10 Deliciously Easy Bar Dessert Recipes

From fruit studded bars to chocolaty confections, whip up a pan of these dessert bars to share at your next gathering, party, or potluck.

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