Apple Cake

Apples, whether slightly sweet or slightly tart, lend themselves to all kinds of recipes, but especially cakes - their tender texture and delicates sweetness works perfectly with crumb cakes, upside down cakes, and more.

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    Apple Cake Articles
    Rustic Apple and Sweet Potato Tart: Healthy and Delicious!
    ... away from baking if the mood strikes you! For times like these, this rustic sweet potato and apple tart... in the pie dish I set to work on slicing the filling ingredients. I used three varieties of apple... brown and some of the apple skin will crisp up. If the crust is a perfect golden brown, but you want... read more...
    Classic Early Fall Dessert: Apple Turnovers
    .... Excited to try my first batch of local apples, I got to work on this recipe for turnovers. Although I grew... favorite, homemade vanilla ice cream. click here for our apple turnover recipe I recently purchased my..., the filling, and the dough. The first is the easiest: Brown sugar and apple juice go into a saucepan and stay... read more...
    Gluten Free Cake with Honey and Almonds
    ... and make her a gluten free cake for Mother's Day. To make matters more complicated for my search, she...'s on a diet so I had to find something healthy. That's how I landed on this Flourless Honey Almond Cake..., which has just 234 calories per serving. Click here to get the flourless honey almond cake recipe Right... read more...
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