Apple Cake

Apples, whether slightly sweet or slightly tart, lend themselves to all kinds of recipes, but especially cakes - their tender texture and delicates sweetness works perfectly with crumb cakes, upside down cakes, and more.

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One-Bowl Upside-Down Apple Cake

When I was growing up, my mom had an apple cake recipe that she made regularly. She laced thin strips of apple throughout the cake, which she baked in a bundt pan until it was a deep golden brown. I can't remember if she made it for special occasions, or whether it was just an easy thing to bake when she was in the mood, but since then I've always had a soft spot for any type of apple cake.

Caramel Apple Cake: New Twist on a Classic Dessert

Try this one-pan upside down cake with fresh apples this fall. It's a great way to end a holiday meal, or just a day that needs a special treat.

Mile-High Deep Dish Apple Pie

I love apple pie. I'd take a slice of pie (with vanilla ice cream, thank you very much) over cake any day. We even had it instead of cake at our wedding this summer.

8 Mind-Blowing Apple Desserts

Feel free to use any variety of apple you enjoy, from Braeburn to Honeycrisp, in these 8 delicious desserts that are way more exciting than plain old pie.

Pumpkin Sour Cream Coffee Cake

After nearly two years of cooking with my kid(s), I've discovered one thing that works like a charm--every time. Repetition. Sure, you may be reading this and thinking, "Tell me something I don't know; my kid wants chicken nuggets and plain pasta every night." But hear me out. If I want to try something new with the kids, I make a point of saying we're making something we've made before, only with a slight variation.

20 Great Things to Make with Apples

Apple-pie lovers and just plain Apple-anything fans, this is your year. There's a bumper crop this autumn, according to Breezy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill, which grows some 200 varieties of apples in New York's Hudson Valley. Since there are apples aplenty, from the iconic Red Delicious and Granny Smith to the offbeat and utterly delicious varieties with dainty names like Cameo (a newish variety) and Maiden's Blush (a heritage apple), there's never been a better time to stretch your apple dessert repertoire beyond pie.

Apple Pie Spice: Make It Yourself (& Spice Up Your Apple Sweets!)

Ok, we'll admit it: the first year we went apple picking with the kids, things got a little out of control. It was one of those clear, gorgeous autumn days ... there was warm apple cider on hand ...

Blooming Cookies and Other Spring Treats: Best of the Blogs

Ah, spring has definitely sprung, and there's something in the waft of a balmy breeze that turns our thoughts in a decidedly sweet direction -- really, though, it doesn't take much to turn our thoughts to dessert. But no, this time of year is different. In winter nothing satisfies our sugar cravings like rich chocolate cake (the denser the better), warm slices of cinnamony apple pie with that golden flaky crust, or a super-moist spice cake topped with snowy white cream-cheese frosting (the winter blues have a knack for disappearing on the scent of spice cake baking in the oven).

Thanksgiving Desserts: This Year, Hold the Pie

The only way to top off Thanksgiving dinner? Thanksgiving desserts! Sure, you can serve up the same old apple and pumpkin pies, but why not shake things up with an unexpected twist?

10 Simple, Sensational Thanksgiving Desserts: Easier Than Pie!

Even the most accomplished chefs are intimidated by dessert (if you need proof, just check out any number of cooking competition shows). It's only natural, then, that amateurs such as ourselves wimp out at Thanksgiving and opt for store-bought pies or cakes. Whether it's the threat of homemade pie crust (why does mine always tear when I roll it out?!)

Host a Harvest Brunch: 10 Easy Recipes

Entertain friends and family this fall with these perfectly seasonal brunch recipes.

Easy Slow-Cooker Desserts to Warm Up the Fall

Cozy, cozy, cozy. Wouldn't saying "cozy" a thousand times work better than trying to explain why I love coziness so much? And why fall is peak season for coziness?

Fall Baking: 8 Bundt Cakes for Autumn

Fall is in full swing and so is baking season, so bust out those bundt pans and get busy making these beautiful cakes.

The Best First Birthday: 10 Kid-Friendly Cake Ideas

These delicious and adorable cakes would all be wonderful for a first (or fiftieth!) birthday party.

Thanksgiving (hic) Desserts -- You Can't Lose with Booze

Thanksgiving desserts are not just about pumpkin pie, although it's nice, too. There are plenty of other sweet things you can make, many of them with bourbon, rum, brandy -- even Kahlua. Are we suggesting a booze-infused way to top off your holiday meal?

Pie Chart: Ten Fabulously Festive Desserts

Cookies may get most of the attention during the Christmas season, but there's always room for pie. More involved than cookies but less fussy than cake, pie sits squarely in most peoples' comfort-food wheelhouse (a good place to be!).

Gluten-Free Apple Pumpkin Bread

A gluten-free apple pumpkin bread to welcome fall baking season. Try it for breakfast, dessert, or even a comforting snack.

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